Pictures of Rose

Hello All,

I was down in Houston for Christmas and visited Rose - the boat David Kent has been rebuilding. She’s coming along really nicely and has a number of interesting features:

  • cast bronze bits and bowsprit base
  • cast bronze stanchion caps
  • very beefy bowsprit
  • belaying pins
  • split lazarette hatch
  • mainsheet traveller
  • companionway hood with storage boxes
  • split/hinged companionway doors
  • bronze rod rigging for the bobstay and under the boomkin
  • bulwark mounted nav lights
  • teak cockpit sole

I posted pictures here:

And David’s blog is here:

Happy New Year!

Great photos, Jeremy. I’m going to buy a new camera, my pics never come out that sharp.

Sorry I missed you. Holidays turned out to be crazy busy.

Rose hull 76

ps cockpit floor is pretend teak…made by Nuteak.

Hi Kent - Do you know where the stanchion caps came from? Those are really
nice. I have several split stanchions I need to repair this winter. Mine
are laminated 3 thick. I’m planning on epoxying and driving self-tappers
through the stanchions. They’re already painted, so I’m not too worried
about the cosmetics of the glue and plugs - I’ll repaint over the whole
thing once its all repaired. Cheers, Jeremy

On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 5:38 PM, BCC Forums wrote:

The previous owner, Brian Wootten-Woolley, bought the stanchion caps from Port Townsend Foundry in the mid nineties. The boat name at that time was “Swift”

Oh I know Brian - he sails a Hess 36 named Pyxis now. He had it at South
Shore a few years ago.

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 2:48 PM, BCC Forums wrote:

Beautiful pictures, when I grow up I want a BCC :slight_smile:

Wow, Rose is turning out absolutely gorgeous, the split stern locker is a great idea.

BCC#32 Mandy