Placement of Various Items

Hello Everyone,

It’s great to finally be settled into the new (old) BCC Vixen. As I begin updating some of her systems, I have the opportunity to really think about where to place it. I am curious if folks here could provide some insight.

Power Inlet - I am considering placing the power inlet in the sidewalls of the cockpit on the foreward end just before the companionway.

Side Running Lights - I am considering placing these on the forward end of the dog house.

Active Anchor Stowage - How do others stow their anchors off the sprit? The blocks on my bow, seen in the picture with the yellow box, prevent the anchor from resting clear of the bowsprit.

Also, Dave, let me know if you have any questions about the Gaff rigging. I am still learning but I am more than happy to post some pictures or whatever else you need.

Thanks Everyone.


This is how I store my anchor.

This is how I store my anchor.

Hi Ben,
I would think twice about placing the power inlet on the sidewall of the cockpit. The cord which typically is pretty rigid might tend to project across the companionway. Mine is on the port side of the companionway and exits the connector towards the aft, close to the port cockpit sidewall.
This allows the cable to be curled around the perimeter of the cockpit floor and it’s never a trip hazard, and never gets in the way.
It’s also better protected from spray - especially if you have a dodger.


Hi Ben,
Nice pictures! Anchor storage would be a good topic to discuss when you visit Shaula. If you use Search and try “anchor roller”, you’ll find some discussion. With the BCC’s plumb stem, raising the anchor aboard and stowing it on the gamon iron’s roller is certain to result in dings to the stem’s gel coat. Shaula has half a dozen repaired dings.

For 19 yrs, we stowed our 35lb CQR on the bobstay, unless we were offshore. Offshore, I lifted it on deck and lashed it to the bits and windlass. Here’s the bobstay storage setup: I fastened a block to the cranse iron, and fed a 1/4" line through it, with a ss hook on the end. This pull line was long enough so that both ends could be brought back to the deck. Another line was attached to the crown of the CQR, with a loop about a foot from the crown. This pickup line was long enough so its end could be picked up with a boat hook when the anchor was at the surface. The hook was placed in the loop and the pull line used to pull the anchor up the bobstay several feet. This gets the anchor out of the water, and also orientates the plow blades in a fore and aft direction. I’ve watched the stowed anchor pass through solid water while moving through chop, without much force on the blades.

I always wanted an anchor roller out on the sprit, where the CQR could be stowed, and the anchor couldn’t swing into the stem during raising. Soon after we got to Australia, I wrote to Roger Olson at SLM and asked about buying the SLM SS roller. He thought it would be cheaper to have it made in Australia, and sent me his plans. I think it’s a great design–it clamps to the sprit, with the roller’s shaft below the sprit, not passing through the sprit, or relying on screws into the sprit. So for the last 12 yrs, we’ve enjoyed stowing the anchor on its roller on the sprit. We have a 2nd 35lb CQR, 50’ of chain and line stowed under the forepeak cabin sole, just in case. We also have a 20lb Danforth stowed outboard of the cockpit coaming, with its chain and rope in the lazarette. We use the Danforth for a stern anchor, or to kedge off a sandbank. Stowing 2 anchors on the bow has never seemed needed or desirable.

Let’s get together!

Thanks for the thoughtful responses.

I’ve seen people stow their anchor like that. My initial concern was rob on the bobstay from chop but it looks like a little bit of tension should take care of that.

Mike: Thanks for the power inlet picture, this is very helpful. Looks like the solution I will implement.

Dan: Thanks again for everything, I’ll give you a call here in the next few days. I’ll be out of town for the holidays until the 2nd of December but we should meet up sometime after that. It will be great to check out your setup.


I put the power outlet on starboard aft side of house top. Tried to mitigate the trip hazard with a 90 degree adapter plug.

My nav lights are on the bulwarks but I’m thinking I may regret that choice. I like your idea…drier. Or up even higher, waist high on the shrouds?

Attached is a photo of my Spade anchor stowed stbd side. Far more noteworthy… my jack stands have finally been replaced by salt water.


Here is a picture of my stern roller made by Mike Anderson.


That is beautiful. Cool design.

Thanks David, those are all very helpful. Yeah, the nav light placement is an interesting one.

The shrouds, that is a cool idea. As long as the wire was secured and flush with the wire it would probably work great.

Congrats on being in the water.

I have used the sprit roller for the last 12 years and love it. I put a thin, stainless plate on the bottom side of the sprit where the tip of the anchor sometimes hits when stowing. I also have a chain stopper on deck in line with the roller and chain pipe as extra security.

Might look into finishing your anchor system by using Roger Olson’s block on the cranse iron at the tip of the sprit and snubber. My snubber stays installed through the block and tied to the samson posts. When in use, one end attaches to the rode with a rolling hitch and the other to a cleat on the deck on the port side of the sprit.

I think the higher your nav lights are the better you will be seen. Someone on this forum has constructed an elegant board (much like a belay pin board) about head height and attached to the shrouds. You will notice mine are about half way up the spar.

I have used the sprit roller for the last 12 years with good success. I put a thin, stainless plate on the bottom side of the sprit where the tip of the anchor sometimes hits while stowing it. Also have a chain stopper on deck in line with the roller and chain pipe for extra security.

Might look into Roger Olson’s block on the cranse iron and snubber to complete your system. My snubber stays permanently installed tied to the samson posts. When in use, one end attaches to the rode and the other to a cleat on my deck on the port side of the sprit. Boat rides nicely and you don’t have to worry about chafe on the bob stay. Sorry the attached photo doesn’t show that.

My vote is to display your nav lights higher for better visibility. One member of this forum has installed blocks on the shrouds about head height. You will notice mine are about half way up my spar.

PS: not sure the photo actually attached as it doesn’t show in the preview. If not I will learn how to do it and send again…T

Trying the photo again…

Trying to do the photo of the sprit roller again…

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