Plath Windlass

Those considering a change/upgrade to electric may want to consider the RC Plath 11B unit, which we recently installed on Kikorangi after one season using a beautiful and robust old bronze ABI manual (now in the attic). We have only tested the unit dockside at this point, but it has performed nicely and has the right grunt to pass shackle and shank up (of our 35# CQR) up and over the roller and into stowing position. Being Plath (which made the original bronze 7B unit that was knocked off by ABI), it fits the BCC aesthetically. We’ll see how well the unit assists in heavier weather situations as the season progresses. So far we are very pleased. Ron Sears is extremely helpful to deal with, btw.
Geoff Robinson
“Kikorangi” #26




Post some pics of your BCC in the gallery. Also I have attached a photo of Kikorangi on her maiden sail. You and others may have seen it before.


Dioscouri (hull #64) has, like many other BCC’s, a bronze ABI manual windlass. I have been seriously considering changing to an electric windlass that can be controlled from the cockpit. Please confirm that the RC Plath 11B is an electric windlass - it looks like a manual windlass, but aesthetically, it definitely belongs on a BCC! It would certainly be sweet to have an electric windlass that performs well and looks like the one in your pics.

Dioscouri (#064)

I had a good look at the catalogue on their website yesterday - it’s definitely electric!
I like this option with the motor underneath.
I also like the possibility of operating it manually in the event of power problems.
Thanks Geoff for highlighting this!

Mike Guy
BCC Adventure Hull # 79