Plumbing the head

My BCC came equipped with a centerline head in the forward cabin.I have seen in pictures other BCCs similarly fitted. My head, however, has the intake and outlet plumbing run so that the hoses go directly from the seacocks to the toilet with hose runs of less than 18 inches, in other words run directly to/from the head. I understand the risks in this set up, but am wondering how others with the head in the same location have run their hose to meet safety specs, i.e. with hoses peaking above the waterline for all heeling angles.

Forward in VofY is all-vberth, that is no storage or workspace- only cushions. I can only imagine the hoses run either vertically or flush with the hull. In either case, unsightly and inconvenient placements, and placements I’ve not seen in pictures of other similarly equipped BCCs.

So, have you plumbed your heads the same way as mine or have you compromised and come to accept hoses peaking at eye level in your vberth? Any suggestions on minimizing this eye sore?

Warren, This response may depend on the type of head you are using. A La Vac head requires that the discharge goes to a Henderson pump. If not a La Vac it can go directly as described below.

There should be an anti-siphon valve on both the intake and the exhaust of your head.

INTAKE: Normally the intake enters the boat inside the head locker. The hose then passes through the bulkhead to the chainlocker. The hose then runs up along this bulkhead to the underside of the “V” berth (in your situation). Here there should be a valve that will prevent siphoning. The LaVac head comes with a small button like insert with a small hole in it so it will suck air before it will suck water. Anything like this will work but if the hole is too big, water will shoot out when pumping and you will not be able to suck water into your head. MAKE CERTAIN THIS IS ABOVE THE WATER LINE. Then it leads down to the head.

EXHAUST: From the head, the hose passes through the same bulkhead and then leads to various diverter valves if a holding tank is being used. From your description, this may not be necessary, let me know if it is. If there are no diverter valves then the hose will lead horizontal to the hull where it will run up along the forward side of the hanging locker (you may not have one so you may have to adapt). As high as possible or just under the deck, you install an anti-siphon valve. Groco makes a great one but there are others made especially for this purpose. Objective is to place it high enough so that it cannot ever be underwater. From this anti-siphon it runs back down to the through hull.

Note: If you have a holding tank, I would suggest you disassemble the top of the anti-siphon valve and connect a hose fitting so you can “T” this to your vent on your holding tank with a hose. This will prevent any possibility of head odor in your boat.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I am certain other BCC owners will have other suggestions that are equally effective if not better than my suggestion.

Roger Olson