Polar Plot

Has anyone seen or commissioned a “Polar Plot” of the BCC 28?

A good friend of mine who is an avid sailer asked me about it. He was very sceptical about this boat but hadn’t really looked at its specs before. Now he’s read a lot about it, he’s much more curious about its performance. In past he’d only heard other sailers dismissing it as a very slow and old designed boat purchased mainly as ‘eye candy’.

He will be helping me bring the one we just purchased back from Portsmouth NH to Isle Madame off the coast of Cape Breton this spring.

Hi Michael,
Well, you can tell your friend that our 'eye-candy" BCC, SV Pixie, completed a circumnavigation in the Southern Ocean during 2019/2020. Now if that isn’t a test for a boat I don’t know what is!!
Cathy Norrie

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Wow! Very exciting. Have you written about your experiences anywhere that we can follow?