Possible to fit a nesting dinghy on an FC?

just wondered if it would be possible to fit a nesting dinghy on an FC?

One followup question. I heard that a Sam L Morse Cherub dinghy would fit on an FC? Not sure where? Similar to Serrafyn it would be great to be able to fit one on top of the cabin, but I guess that is part of the 2 foot difference? How long is the cabin top? Even if the hatch were slightly obstructed I wonder if it would work. If it did, a hard dinghy with oars woudl greatly simplify the equation instead of a soft dinghy with an outboard… Has anyone tried a rigid dinghy on an FC?

No responses so far, but I did some more of my own research. I read the old Falmouth Cutter newsletters (see below) and Lyle Hess wrote in and said that a Fatty Knees 7’ or a Montgomery 6.8 will fit on the house.

By the way the Falmouth Cutter newsletters (see link) are amazing and discuss voyages, ringing questions, and even have articles written by Lyle Hess himself. Definately a must read! Cant wait to eventually own one of these great boats.


I was very interested in the response to your question as well as the lack of input on this FC site. Are the FC’s bashful, unmotivated or do they have a lively owners site elswhere? I’m not an FC owner but maybe someday :slight_smile:
Thanks for the link and I look forward to seeing current FC info & support there.

I know that the FC Zarpe (#36) (now renamed) carried a Cherub dinghy for its cruise to Central America. The Cherub was carried on the foredeck over the hatch. It took up virtually all the space on deck forward of the mast. So changing sails, dropping anchor, required crawling over the bottom of the dinghy. I don’t recommend that installation.

Unfortunately the Cherub is too long for the house top, which is only 6 feet long (or maybe 6 feet 3 inches (I can’t remember for sure)). I think it would also be difficult to put either the Montgomery 6 foot 8 inch pram or the Fatty Knees 7 foot dinghy on the cabin top without making the transom removable so you can get in and out of the cabin. Remember, the Pardey’s Serrafyn had no bridgedeck.

I recommend an inflatable dinghy, stored below underway. The decks are clear then. A good choice would be a Tinker Tramp. They are expensive but they can be sailed and they can be fitted as a liferaft as well. One FC owner built a platform on the cabin top and put his Tinker Tramp there in its bag. His boat’s companion way hatch slid forward under the platform. Seems like a good alternative solution to me if you must have the dinghy on deck. I don’t like the windage or the additional weight on the cabin top so I keep my dinghy below.

ron walton
editor: FC News

PS I don’t own a Tinker Tramp myself. But I knew a woman at my marina who owned one and enjoyed taking her lady sailor friends sailing in it. She said it sailed adequately, not great to weather but okay.

Interesting that the house is only 6 feet… I wonder while Lyle said you could fit a 6’8" dinghy on the top. Too bad really, it would be great to have a rowing dinghy and not have to use an outboard.