Posting pic's

Hi everyone,

With my recent purchase of hull # 53 I want to share some pictures of the millions of projects I’ve got to do before she sees the ocean again. I’m sure this will provide you with a few laughs. How do I post pictures? Do I post to this forum or the projects forum or just links? Please help the computer challenged!

Rob Harring
sv Coconut

Hi there:

You can upload images to (You have to be logged in before you can do this.)

Please ensure that within the caption you ensure the name of the boat is mentioned. Currently there are 7 images forever in pergatory because we have no idea which boat these refer to.

Every boat has its own listing, and we will move your images to your boat in the main database a soon as we become aware of them.

It ain’t a perfect and automatic system, because, as much as y’all might like it, we cannot allow any uploading of pornograpy, advertisements or links to dubious sites.

This website is the property of the owners of Sam L. Morse built vessels and Lysle Hess designed vessels,and your webmaster works diligently to ensure that this site remains as trues to the origial comception as the lines of a BCC 28!

I posted 1 pic of Coconut. I made a mistake,its actually hull # 51 - my bad. Almost all of the mahogany will need some type of replacement or restoration. Oh well, it’ll keep me off the streets anyway.
Rob Harring