Press Release, 7/17/2007 Updated 7/23/07

Press Release, 7/17/2007 (Updated 7/23/07)
Posted by: John Cole (
Date: July 23, 2007 10:37PM

The Sam L. Morse Company
1626 Placentia Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: (949) 378-7815
Press Release 17th July 2007, Cost Mesa, CA

Agreement has been reached between Cape George Marine Works (manufacturers of the renown Cape George Cutter series of blue water vessels) of Port Townsend, Washington, to acquire the molds, patterns and exclusive rights to the manufacture of the Bristol Channel Cutter and the Falmouth Cutter, previously manufactured by the Sam L. Morse Company.

Cape George Marine Works have indicated that they intend to offer the vessels in ?hull only? kit form, and as fully completed vessels.

Further information with regard to the future intentions of Cape George Marine Works regarding these two splendid vessels can be acquired from:
Mr. Todd Uecker
Cape George Marine Works
1924 Cape George Road,
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Tel: (360) 385-3412

Newsflash, 7/23/07
The first shipment of molds left the Sam L. Morse works for Port Townsend today. The shipment included the FC hull mold, the BCC deck mold and the ballast molds for both vessels. See attached image.