Profurl / headstay

John, I too rerigged my profurl with a staloc eye at the top and
bottom of the head stay, and a 1/2" jaw to jaw merriman bronze
turnbuckle and bronze toggles.Once you have the extrusion tubes
together, it is simple to shove the stay through the assembled tubes
with the eye staloc inplace.
I read somewhere, maybe the installation manual, that you should use
a particular “lay” in the stay itself, (left or right hand lay, I
don’t remember)
Also read the “Roller Furling” section on page 65 of the 2000
Equipment Survey from Seven Seas Cruising Assn., where it mentions
untwisting of the forestay.
After about 4000 sea miles I removed the profurl and found new
corrosion around and inside the turnbuckle cavity, due to the
bronze/aluminum combination, so you might consider using “chromed”
bronze turnbuckle and toggles.
I also found that everytime that I removed and replaced the profurl
that corrosion had attacked the aluminum thread areas, even after
applications of never sieze or blue loctite, so have at hand thread
repair kits like helicoils of various sizes.

Douglas Bcc Calliste
PS; I was able to bolt a shaped,thick aluminum plate to the top of
the forespar mast with a u-bolt for my spin-drifter.