Proud New BCC Owner !

Hi everyone,
I’m pleased and proud to announce that after a year of search and investigation, I have bought the BCC ‘Adventure’ currently lying in Oyster Cove - San Francisco.

We’re going out on Adventure for my first sail this morning, and then with the help of John Purins, the PO, we’re going to unstep the mast and prepare her for a long trip to Dubai where I’m working.

Sadly I can’t afford the time to sail her this time, as I have to go back and work - I have a company there, doing specialist glasswork.

I look forward to sharing your valuable experience in the future!

Good luck to Ben and Elizabeth, and the rest of you!

Mike Guy.

Well, Mike , I hope you enjoy your BCC as much as we all do, ours.

When coastal hoping from San Francisco to Newport Beach, fall of 1996, and on route, I happened to stop in Morro Bay, for a few days.

While there, I met Rod Davis (sp-?) traveling on his BCC, “Adventure”, so I am wondering if one of the previous owners of your new BCC, was Rod ?

If it is, that same BCC, one of the previous owners added a wooden platform on top of the bowsprit.

It was nicely done, and I am wondering if you have access to any of the previous owner’s photo files, and can post a photo of that bowsprit platform, here ?

I think that I saw a more recent photo of BCC Aventure, on Ben’s website, a week or two, ago, and she didn’t have that nice platform on her bowsprit, anymore.


Yay! Congratulations Mike.

I plan to visit as many BCC’s and owners as possible, so keep in touch! Chesapeake neighbors are the closest… so I’ll see you guys sooner… like this fall on my way to meet up with Gary in the Virgins!

Anyway, hope you can keep up posted on your upgrades, projects etc. Always good to see others great ideas, or in my case, the not so great ideas :wink:

Rod Davis’ boat is named August Dame. As of yesterday they were in New Bedford, MA but were planning to starting heading south when the fog clears. Their final destination before storing the boat for the winter is Annapolis, MD.

Oh Gosh , Rod , my big mistake , maybe it was BCC Adventure that had all teak topsides and was owned by that man in San Francisco, who was a professional photographer for National Geographic, must have got them mixed up !

My apologies to Rod Davis, on BCC August Dame , but would he be able to, submit a couple of detail pics of his bowsprit platform ?

They were a very nice couple, and I enjoyed meeting them in Morro Bay, way back in 1996 .


Hmm, well I dunno who owns the boat with the bowpsrit platform, but I’ll give August Dame a shout, see if they will be in the LI area at all when I’m there… Aug 4-11 or so.


My philosophy professor stated "machines don’t make mistakes, humans do. I would rather be human than a machine.

Rod and Yvonne Davis are indeed fine people. I will pass along your greetings when I telephone them again. We meet them in 2006 and sailed in company to Cape May, New Jersey with August Dame. This year we took them to dinner then gave them a tour of Baltimore and showed them the interior of our rowhouse. What’s a rowhouse? Think of two 11 ft wide containers about 55 ft long with one stacked on top of the ground level container then multiply that by a city block. Now multiply that by all the blocks in Baltimore City. We love living in the heart of the city. Granted there are few stars at night and there is always the “white noise” of the city but the city is alive with life and sometimes two much death.



Hi Rod , very interesting about “Rowhouses” , will, you post a pik ?

The 8’X 8’X 20’ used containers, have been very much a part of my life, and even more so , after I became a BCC owner, but gosh, an 11’ wide X 55’ long, stacked , is an amazing space to do boat projects, in !

I am a country boy, and city living here in S’pore, crushes in on me , but my wife and I escape across the border to a rural Malaysia Golf and Marina Resort every weekend, for a city respite, onboard Calliste, gosh we need that change, too !

What I don’t handle well, is the intensity of traffic everywhere, not only on the roads, but in the supermarket shopping isles, too . Makes me wonder what Gary, in the Caribbean, has to put up with in the , “high” season ?