Raw water strainer for head.

I have a large raw water strainer in the intake line for the head. Is this necessary? I know if you are in a weedy area or where there is alot of debris there may be a benefit.

I think the extra cable clamps in the line are more of a concern than the occasional piece of grass etc. Any thought here on this? Thanks

BCC “Lightfoot”
Mark Giegel

Hi Mark, BCC 72 Calliste, has a LeVac head, and does not have a strainer on the

head raw water incoming line . I remember installing this head as per mfg

instructions and also with a consult to Nigel Caulders, Mechanical … Book .

At one time I had thought to use the head raw water inlet for other

applications, like a supply for the water maker and a supply for the

deck/anchor chain wash down, so maybe a previous owner had a similar idea

and installed that strainer, for reasons like this.

I do ocassionally get a small fish in the head that a strainer would trap, but

they don’t stay around for long .


I think you are right. There would need to be a lot of debris in the water to cause a problem. We have no strainer and have never had a problem. The salt water deck wash pump came with a small in line stainer that I put on because it came with it, but I have never had the need to clean it.
BCC Odyssey

Thanks all. The strainer will be removed. Maybe I can use it for mixing drinks or something else more usefull.

Best to all

BCC “Lightfoot”