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I’ve been using an old Pfaff 130 for some years now with great success. I’ve
made lee cloths, a large awning and have done some sail repairs. It does
both straight stich and zig zag. You can find them on Ebay or maybe a local
sewing machine shop. Some people put a large hand crank on them. Mine
doesn’t have it but I can see how that would be useful. Sewing through heavy
webbing or multiple layers of sunbrella it is safer to hand crank it through
rather than power through. I think I paid $150 for mine.

Ron Thompson Ho’okahiko #97

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I am in the process of searching for an industrial yet portable sewing
machine. Any experience or recommendations about specific machines would
be greatly appreciated. I intend to use it for canvass work (Sunbrella)
and the occasional sail repair.
BCC “Odyssey”