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This is an interesting question, perhaps with the proverbial answer of
“however long it takes in time and money.”

We bought our BCC used for a greatly reduced price (sorry, Mike, if you are
reading this!) and spent 18 months working on her, getting her just right.
The work was mostly done by Jeremy (some by me) and we spent what we had to
spend on her. We had just graduated from college and had more time than
money (and no kids) so time was the bulk of the cost.

After cruising for 3 years, we came back to the States and are just getting
around to the second refit (opinions change as to what works for us,
especially after long-term cruising and 2 kids added to the mix). The
equation has changed a bit (more money than time, but not much of either),
but we are slowly getting there. I’ll guess there will be one more refit in
her future before we hit retirement age, or certainly more tweaking (that
stuff of our dreams comes under the “money tree” heading and includes
repowering, a watermaker, and a complete rehaul of the galley).

My points here are twofold:

  1. If you can financially contemplate any decent cruising boat, you can
    most likely contemplate a used BCC. She’ll take care of you far better than
    most, and you can have the satisfaction of working on her as much as you
    like. There are some great boats out there which just need a bit of time
    and love.

  2. If time and money were really no object, you’d hire a crew of 20 people
    and be done in 6 months. Just don’t think it is done, because unless you
    put the boat in a museum and don’t use it, it won’t be.

On a different note, I’d love it if people posting to the forum could
routinely sign their names. Most do, and it makes the whole conversation
seem more personal. Thanks.

Cheers, and happy sailing season!

Calypso, BCC #6

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Yes, I agree that a used boat is much more practical. The prospect of
owning any BCC, nevermind a new custom BCC, is about as likely for me as
winning the lotto. But if I were a gazillionaire, I would still want to
build/customize my own boat. I’m just saying, if time and money were no
objects, how long would it take?