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Hi Richard-

Where in Deltaville? Calypso is hauled at Deagles - I am planning a
work week in early April (mast varnishing!) and would love to say hello
if you are around.

Nica Waters
s/v Calypso
BCC #6

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Hey Ben,

I purchased Too Loose (now Susie Q) last year and live in Northport. Susie Q is now being worked on in Deltaville VA and I’ll be sailing her to NY in May.

I’m new to sailing and can’t give much advise, but I love the boat and am having a great time sailing her. I just returned from the BVI and saw some great looking boats, but there were none as special as the BCC.

Let me know if you want to do some sailing this summer.


Hi Nica,

Susie Q is being worked on at Schroeder Yacht Systems in Deltaville. I plan on being down there in May to sail her up to NY. I’ll let you know if I go down there in April.

Best regards,