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We power up the Yanmar, rounding up to weather, and if necessary put on the autopilot before going forward to reef the main; this negates the hazard of leeward reefing or the need for dual sided reefing system. We still use the single speed Barlow #8 bronze non-self tailing winch supplied with Shamrock on the starboard side of the boom and Lewmar rope clutches. We find this system relatively simple and uncomplicated to use.

There are a number of reefing systems out there suited to meet your specific comfort level. Some boats have gone to all lines lead to the cockpit, handy in some situations, but in general we find having a spagetti factory in the cockpit less than desireable for our tastes, going forward on jacklines in weather still works for us, we’ll let you know if our opinion changes if we ever reach age 90?


Marty Chin, BCC Shamrock.

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From “Rigging for Shorthanded Sailing” by John Harries, “Cruising World,” Oct 2005

“Our mainsail-reefing system is simple and very easy to use. Three double-ended pendants lead through the clew cringles, down through sheaves set into each side of the aft boom end, then forward internally before exiting to clutches and a two-speed self-tailing winch on each side of the boom near the mast. This way, we can always reef standing to windward.”

Our reefing system follows Roger Olsen’s setup wherein all reefing lines are on the starboard side of boom and do not pass through the leech reefing cringle. The system works great but as with any reefing system set on one side of the boom, tucking in a second reef from the leeward side of the boat is somewhat of a challenge when the boat is heeled at 15 to 20 degrees and water is splashing over the bulwark. I found this out on our late October trip on the Chesapeake and started to think about safety at sea. Yes, I am considering the double-ended pendant reefing-system and adding a double rope clutch and winch to the port side of the boom. Currently, IDUNA is fitted with a double rope clutch and winch on the starboard side of the boom.

I was wondering if anyone had fitted a “double-ended” reefing lines on their BCC similar to the system described above. I am also interested in other’s thoughts about the double-ended pendant reefing system.

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