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I put a check in the mail to Coledata that will cover
the deficit with a small balance

Nate Berkowitz
BCC #4 Anita Rock

nathaniel berkowitz, sausalito california
tel: 415 331 3314 fax: 415 331 1854

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Thank you , Thank you.

Again let me thank everyone who kept the dream alive and an especial thanks to Coledata, Inc. for your support and belief in the BCC.

Fair Winds Shipmates,


Ladies and Gentlemen:

It would appear we are already over subscribed, subject to verification from PayPal.

As far as I can tell, we are already $25 over the target, notwithstanding anything that may be in the mail, or that PayPal has omitted (Yes! This happens, but we have a way to trace it - there are at leat two payments that I have been advised of that have never appeared on the PayPal account. I have instigated queries on these.)

My question is:
Do we refund a pro rata percentage?
Do we apply any overages to next year?
Do we create the SLM Owners fund for whatever you desire?
Do we apply it to enhancing the web technology? Simple things like an on-line chat, person to person, and exchange of views, external to the forum, that are not part of the current program.
Do we enhance it to allow video presentations?
Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how we might improve the site?

As of 1st April this will be YOUR site, and you (If you donated) have the ability to determine how it will work. I am currently working on a simple voting system that may appear from time to time, but votes will be restricted to donors only, as they fund the site.

Irrespective of any voting system, you now have to tell Coledata what you don’t like about the site, or how you believe it can be improved. However, please do this through the forum, so that everyone can see it,and thereby we may gather a consensus of opinion, and understand any arguments.

Personally, I would like to thank all of you for your support during this time of transition, and, in return, promise that Coledata will continue to work with Sumio to gather as much information as possible to ensure that the BCC and FC are not a forgotten breed in the small family of serious blue water sail boats.

I would like see collective voting based on 1 vote per donor regardless of the amount of donation. This would prevent a person from controlling the content of the forum. In addition we need to determine if we vote once per year or twice per year, depending on the funds available to make changes.

Fair Winds Shipmates,


I must be way behind the posts and want to contribute via paypal…where do I send it? Or maybe I should say ‘how’ to a make it…what is the email site to make it out too?

My vote is to just role any excess into the next year…we can loose a great deal of sailing time pondering what to do with our few extra $$$…KISS.

                                       Whitewings III

PS: John…seems that my auto-signature doesn’t show up even tho’ I’ve checked the box and have one set up in my personal data…

My vote also would be to roll the excess over to next year. I believe the Forum works well the way it is and why try to fix what works. I’m also with Tom. KISS

Bob & Lois
Jolie Brise

I agree,

On 3/19/07, BCC Forums wrote:

I concur, also.


Calypso is in agreement here as well.

Nica and Jeremy

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I concur, also.


Ditto all of the above…roll the surplus into next year.

Hi Stan:

The good people who use this site have already covered (and a little more) the costs for the next 12 months.Any excess over $700 will be rolled into next years support funds.

You may certainly contribute, but your money will go towards the period 4/1/08 thru 3/31/09; so you may want to hold off a while.

If you DO contribute now, please remember that you are supporting the website for a further 12 months, for which every member will thank you. If you really want to contribute now, please go to

You may need to go to the website and click on “owners Pages” before you get to this page; there is a security layer that you might have to overcome.

If all else fails, you can always find me at or

Some people do not like using web payments, so, if you don’t want to use a web payment, you can always send a check to:
Coledata, Inc
419D concord Street,
Havre de Grace, MD2 21078

Thank you for you concern.

The check is in the mail. :smiley:

No, really.

Hi John, T Y , for all your help. I am one of those who don’t like using pay pal , because they spam me recently, but I do want to and will contribute .

I wish I knew an easy way to keep our Forum site alive, but some how “Roberts Rules of Order” or some such gets in the way !

Are there creative minds out there in our forum members that can help John and us to streamline a forum co-operative of some sort ?

I will just bet that Bernie or Aloha Kate has some ideas !

Douglas, BCC 72 , Calliste


I believe, collective and cooperative organizations are subject to taxes, whereas a non-profit organization is not.


Hi Rod,

Now that we have funded the cost of keeping the web site and forum up and running what organization do we need. It seems that memebers are exhanging ideas regularily and if someone has an idea on how to improve the web site I’m sure this group can reach an agreement on how to proceed. If not, the forum would continue as is.

Let me know if I’m missing something.

I hope to see you in the LI Sond this summer.


The forum is funded until 1st April 08, and there is probably an overage of about $200.

In the next few weeks we will be making minor changes to the site, so that it becomes more the owners’ site that the manufacturer’s site.