Re: [BCC Forum Post] IDUNA: Re: SPINNAKER Size

In eight years of sailing Dilkara, a gaff rigged BCC, we used a feather
light drifter with a sock many, many times and found with the main and
topsail out to one side and the drifter poled out to the other no one could
keep up with us downwind. We were sailing with another BCC in the Exumas
one day (they shall remain nameless but they know who they are) and we left
them far behind and if my memory serves me correct they had their spinnaker
up. The drifter was very easy for one person to set. We used a block and
tackle to pull it out to the end of the sprit and the sock worked like a
dream. Then we would hook a pole onto the sheet knot. It was one of the
most useful sails in the Bahamas but once we were down in the Virgins and
beyond we rarely used it due to heavier winds and bigger seas. No chance of
a roller furling with the gaff rig but it sure would have been handy.