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I have had the same problem with the staysail sheets catching on the whisker
pole or the mast winches and maybe the doghouse. I have mostly solved that
problem by maintaining a little tension on the lazy sheet with one wrap on
the winch and while tacking as a let off the working sheet I simultaneously
pull in on the new working sheet not allowing any slack to develop. That
usually prevents it from catching on anything.
Hope that helps.
Ho’okahiko #97

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Does anyone else have this problem? Sometimes, I think too often, when I
tack the staysail, the line on the new tack snags on the forward leeward
corner of the doghouse, requiring me to go forward to free it. I’m
thinking of attaching a cheek block to the doghouse. Has anyone got any
better ideas?


Jonathan, i.e. Jolie Brise.


It’s my lucky day, I get to do two responses!..unless it’s blowing hard, I let the staysail back until I’ve got the jib top trimmed and that causes the staysail sheet to fall away to leward and clear the scuttle hatch. I also keep the weather sheet lightly tensioned underway so it doesn’t hook under my mast mounted whisker pole.
Last summer, I spent some time trying to figure out how to make some nice mahogany pieces to radius the forward corners of the scuttle hatch…luckily I got a grip on myself before beginning the whittle project from hades.


Ah, yes. The better technique approach. Never thought of that. Might give that a try too. Thanks.

Thanks Tom. I had problems with this in 25 kts but I haven’t tried backing the staysail until I’ve tacked, which should help. I’m also working on some radius pieces for the corners of the scuttle hatch. What I’m thinking is that I’ll place masking tape in the corners, then mold the parts I want from thickened epoxy. When it’s set, I’ll remove the parts (along with the tape), and have a foundry here in Atlanta (Inferno Foundry) copy the parts in bronze.