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On Itchen the panels between the quarterberth and the engine
compartment are – with some minor hassle – removable. That makes it
a lot easier to get at the water lift muffler, grease the stbd cockpit
drain seacock valve, etc. Itchen has no port side cockpit locker so on
that side of the engine there is enough room to hold a small party or
curl up for a nap!
s/v Itchen, BCC #73

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Whisper and Induna
Thank you very much… It makes life so simple… Even though CERYAN was bought 6 months ago I just started working on it. But I must say working on the engine, particularly on the starboard side is pain. It is so tight… Are all of them like that or is it because of the size of Yanmar 3GM30F?
For better or worse I feel like I married ?the first girl I fell in love with.


Yeh, the port side is quite spacious on Elizabeth too…

Newer designs made better access to the engine by removing the hanging locker on stbd side, providing good front access to stbd. side of engine.