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Absolutely count us in. Jeremy spent many, many hours setting up and
maintaining the original bccowners site on yahoo before John and Sumio came
along to get this one up and running. He barely has time these days to read
these mails, let alone set up and maintain a site!

I agree with Rod that perhaps the way to make it all (ie Sam L Morse) work
again in the future is to keep the name there.

Do we need to make a name change to the site to stay away from Sam L Morse,
if Sumio is going to keep the company name? Lyle Hess cutters or something

Calypso, #6

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That seems reasonable to me too. We’re in.

Richard Cross
Mandy # 32

Hi Nica:

Good to hear from you after all this time!

If Sumio decides to retain the site, then my best suggestion is that we move to

Please understand, I have not discussed this with Sumio, so at this moment I have no idea of his intentions for the .com site. He may be happy to allow it to continue, which might save us some problems, and which would certainly help in a smooth transfer of business. (Currently Sumio has other things on his mind than a simple website!)

With regards to the molds being destroyed, when I spoke with Sumio yesterday, he has no desire to do this, but as a last resort, he would rather destroy the molds than let them fall into the hands of an unscrupulous manufacturer, and, in this, I think we all agree.

Personally I would love to see Cape George Cutters ( buy the molds: They are probably one of the few builders that could even understand the quality behind the BCC and the FCC.

I’m impressed by the allegiance that most owners have shown, not to me, but to the retention of the Forum. (You will, I’m sure, remember those days when we worked together to transfer the site from Yahoo!)

My biggest dilemma is how to be fair to everyone, and not lose out on ?new entrants?. Simple math tells me that the primary users (about 30) and a few others (assume 20) pony up $10 each, Coledata, Inc is still in a hole. I really don?t mind meeting the difference personally, because you are all friends, but we absolutely need a consensus of opinion on this, and it really is not my call!

The subscribing members will become the owners of the forum and gallery, and therefore it?s much like a takeover ? the new owners call the shots.

Great to hear from you, please give Jeremy my regards


Hi John, I would consider a $ 10.00 per year subscription fee a bargin to help keep this forum alive, so count me in too.

Thank You for all your time, effort, and expense to make this site available to us.

Speaking of the molds, is the history of the molds available ?

Like who origonally made them or as I heard it said, who modifyed the BCC mold ?

Not quite sure where I heard it, maybe from George Hylkema, or John Greenville , that the first molds were shaped from the lines of a wooden hull, then were later modified or corrected for fiberglass , by John Greenville, in exchange for a bare hull and deck.
John then cut his hull inhalf thwartship and added 8’ length for a fish hold. He was a salmon fisherman in Morro Bay, and used his sailing BCC to get a one month jump start on the commercial salmon season.