Re: [BCC Forum Post] Stan R: Re: Raising/retractable bowsprit

We removed our bowsprit twice in the last year for refinishing the samson posts and bowsprit and to stop a caulking leak around the samson posts, port post is a little tricky to seal due to the rear vertical surface of the deck cutout.

We have twin Profurl reefing, bow-pulpit, lifelines, pulpit navigation light; It’s easy enough to pull out and replace for maintenance, however, I don’t recommend removal or shifting it rearward to save a few feet in dockage fees, as it takes a day of work to get everything back into proper place.

With the Monitor windvane, Shamrock is roughly 40’ LOA, thankfully our marina only charges us for 3’ of overhang, otherwise we just as soon pay for 40’ than go through the hastle of shipping the bowsprit. When your dealing with a heavy 12’ long chunk of wood, SS anchor chalks (heavy), the risk is to high to consider the high cost of accidental damage to save a few bucks in berth rent.

Marty Chin