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Stewart -

You can find them for $6 each at West Marine (
Bet Defender is cheaper.

Good luck.

BCC #6, Calypso

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Author: Stewart
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Subject: Decals
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As the launch of Hull 126 “Stravaigin” gets closer, I am advised that I
need a couple of Decals

1 A “Marpole” decal which should be affixed close to the trash container
and advise re ocean dumping of waste

2 The other is a decal concerning the discharge of oil or oily waste.

I have located a supplier for #1 and I can buy 25 fo 17 bucks use one and
throw the rest away… can’t locate a supplier for #2.

I am open to suggestions and advice as to where I might buy one of each and
save firstly the planet and secondly my pocket book.

Fair winds and following seas!


Nica thanks so much for locating these, I have had just a wee bit trouble getting them, I don’t think anyone at WM knew they had them. They are ordered now and should have them shortly. I have looked on vicariously your travels and what a lot of fun you have had. Thank you for sharing.

Just a note , Stewart , West Marine does not list everything they stock in their catalogs .

You have to ask , for special order products , sometimes , even supplying the manufacturer’s part numbers .

We all enjoy reading about the travels of our sistership BCC owners, your’s included , as soon as you can !


Thanks Doug, jusat launched a week ago pix will have to wait, its been crazy.