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Tom, you must mean that the mast is 'tapered' beginning at the upper streaders, meaning the size of the mast section is reduced starting there.

I only point this out because I think a 'rake' starting at that point would mean the mast was built with a bend in it and would not only reduce its strength but would make it hard to make a mainsail to fit.

I'm sure your mast is a straight section with a taper on the front side, but because it is hand made,...well, you just never know. Some rather odd engineering has been used by home finishers at times. I know of a BCC that had six inches of cement poured into the keel envelope prior to using scrap steel as ballast; or at least that's what the guy said he was going to do. He thought the concrete  would act as a water barrier in case of hitting a reef and he couldn't afford the cost of lead.  I think I may have talked him out of using steel for ballast but not too sure about the cement.

I've heard some owners wanting to put a stainless steel shoe along the bottom of the keel for knocking over poorly located coral heads, but I don't think it necessary because of the long gradual entry on the BCC. I know of one that hit submerged rocks, (not coral, rocks) at 5 knots under full sail. Said it was like riding up the back of a whale, the boat stopped, leaned over onto the rise of the bilge an slid off backwards, luffed the sails and charged around the rocks. Inspection found two foot long gashes, 1/4 inch deep along the bottom of the keel and a few scratches  up higher. Put some underwater epoxy on the gouges and did a proper fix the following haulout.

He felt the grounding was severe but caused very little damage due to the long entry and would probably have torn off a virtical fin keel.

BCC's may not win *every* Friday night race around the clubhouse but they will bring you back from the sea.

Stan, on Waxwing...hull #22



 Tom Chapman wrote:

Roger.......I have a 4 section Sitka spruce mast with quite a bit of builtin rake starting @ the top spreaders......5 or 6 inchs.  The mast was
glued up that way.  Will this increase weather helm ? you recommend this manual for construction?
Tom Chapman
St. Helens
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Don, I really cannot help because I do not have the exact mearurements with me in Fresno.  However, I am sure Sumio will respond.  I do remember that there is a bump in the mould which indicates the center of the hole. This should show up as a dimple on the deck.  Before you start cutting, be sure to check with Sumio.  Also, since I know you will be installing the mast step soon, remember to set it perpendicular or plumb, not forward as your drawing may indicate.  This will reduce the rake in the mast, thus reduce weather helm.
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Subject: [bcc] Location of the mast on deck.

Greetings all,
I have (finally) reached the point of mounting the chain plates.
To accomplish this I must first locate the center of the mast mark on deck
Can anyone tell me the diameter of the mast hole on deck and how this hole
is located on the centerline.
I have one page from the manual  which SEEMS to indicate that the leading edge of
the mast hole is located 10' 11 1/2" from the stem. Is this correct?
This is a somewhat critical measurement and I'd like to get it right. Sumiyo? Roger?
Thank you for your attention.
Donald Kircher

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