re-rigging and stability testing

i am planning to re-rig this winter and trying to figure out the
correct wire size scientifically. does anyone have stability data on
these boats or has anyone done an inclination test? unfortunately, i
hauled my boat before i realized i wanted this info. i am considering
splicing 7x19 ss wire. it is not as strong as the 1x19 that is on
now. if i need to increase the wire size, i may run into problems
with a misfit between thimbles and tangs/turnbuckles. the alternative
is to replace it with 1x19 and sta-loks, more $ and more risk of
fatigue at the wire/terminal junction. i have heard sta-loks
are better than norseman fittings and the new suncor terminals
are no good. anyone with any thoughts?
john churchill