Re: Stern anchor roller, netting, etc..

Hi John

I am sorry for late reply for your phone message about the stern anchor
roller and netting in the bowsprit area.

I jut back the office today. I was attending 3rd annual Lyle Hess rendezvous
held at the Richmond Marina near San Francisco past weekend.

Roger is having a long vacation now (3 months…very long one) so, my answer
is kind of limited, I know so little about previous BCC’s options…
He was there at the rendezvous.

Stern anchor Roller:
We are not using roller instead we use Bronze Locking Chocks, but I saw one
at the rendezvous on the last week end.
Mr. Roy Myers’s BCC has a stern anchor roller which he bought at West
Marine. I think it is the item #201154 on the Port Supply Catalogue.

I do have the netting pattern around the bowsprit.
If you want I can Send you a copy by air mail or fax.
So, could you give me the address or fax info.

Regarding your BCC T-shirts and Cap project.
It is nothing wrong that you are making T-shirt, cap, jacketed… with BCC’s
name logo, shape.
Just I would like to let you know that I have been planned same idea and
I’ve just finished our design stage. Hopefully coming out before the end of
this summer. Originally I planned to announce them before this summer but…
Roger is not here so I am very busy for the prime things…the project is
set aside from time to time…behind schedule.

Best Regards

Sumio Oya

-----Original Message-----
From: John Churchill [ ]
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 5:10 AM
Subject: [bcc] bcc shirts/hats/other logo stuff

after several months of thinking about it, i have finally gotten the
bcc drawing to the embroidery guy. he is going to get me a price on
setting up the machine for embroidering the bcc picture on stuff. i
used (with roger’s consent) the sailplan drawing off the letterhead.
i am looking to see if others are interested in getting anything
made. i am getting a few shirts and maybe some hats. the vessels
name can be done underneath as well. the big cost is in setting up
the machine the first time, so more interest will lead to a lower
per item. i do not have firm prices yet, but almost anything can be
logo’ed - shirts, hats, towels, boxer shorts, the sunbrella cover for
your fine china, etc. i am looking for just a show of hands of
potential interested parties. that will let me get a rough figure on
john churchill
BUCEPHALUS (thats a lot of letters if i am paying per letter)

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