Re: Traditional Mainsail - Thanks

The compliment is much appreciated,  thank you.
I screwed up on the leathering operation but I am pleased with the overall results.  The traditional method is not very cost effective but I leaned more about sail making and can repair the sails with hand tools anywhere.  Besides reading The Saimaker's Apprentice by Emiliano Marino, I had good support from Michele Stevens Sail Loft in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and I had the old hand finished sails for reference.  R.B. Stevens made the original sails and they still pull the boat along quite fine but I suspect they will not stand much of a blow after 20 years of use.  Attached is an image of the head of the old mainsail.  This is craftsmanship to its highest.  The sail cloth is by Richard Haywards, an old English company that made the sail cloth for Lord Nelson's Navy in the days of "walls of oak."  .  We used their Classic Sunwing UV protected cloth.  The importer is located in Annapolis, MD.
Again, Thanks,