Rebedding Porthole glass

They did a great job reworking Jolly Dolphin’s portholes prior to my purchase. Nicely refinished inside, all new gaskets. But they did not rebed the glass and that is where they all leak. All but one porthole leaks in between the glass through the old bedding compound and the interior side of port, already leaving stains on the new interior varnish job. It is not the gaskets, they are all new and work fine.
Anyone have experience on a FC replacing or rebedding the glass?
It appears there are two very holes on the either side of the exterior ring. Are the weep hole or they to be used with a wrench type tool like a “deck key” to fit in and twist/unscrew the exterior bronze ring out to remove the glass. IS this a standard tool or is there another trick to get the ring backed out?

Really would appreciate any help. Do not want to go all summer with shopping bags dogged down in the ports to keep the rain out.