Rebuild Rose Progress

My boat was dinged up pretty good by Hurricane Ike in 09, The rebuild has taken a lot longer than I thought it would but I’m getting close. Hope to be back in the water by end June. I uploaded a few photos to Flickr today. Have a look if you care to:

Rose (ex Sea Star) Hull 76

Rebuilds always take longer than we expect. Thanks for the photos. The
photo of your frig (new?) caught our eye as we are reconfiguring our galley.
What is that?


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Great pix, thumbed through almost all of them, really impressive! Looking forward to seeing her in the water.


The frig was a boat show impulse buy. It’s the Technautics “Cool Blue” system with an air cooled Danfoss compressor and large cold plate. The box is 33" x 36" compartmented half frig half freezer.

I think Stewart also has one. He would know best re performance.


Great work David, thanks for the photos.

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Was the box a custom build unit. Have you used the Cool Blue before the
rebuild? I was considering the same unit.


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The box is custom built. The bottom of the forward (freezer) compartment
follows the hull shape to get enough depth to accommodate the large cold
plate. Before Ike I had a Glacier Bay. That compressor would pull 43 amps
for 45 minutes to freeze the cold plate. Stewart, is your Cool Blue running
as advertised?


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The rebuild is looking very good. If that’s Bob Marsh’s yard, we rebuilt our custom Flick there - great folks. Bob provided the materials and we built the shed in the back of the building and framed out the “bathroom.” A friend, helped us build the shelves in the shed.

The boat is looking good and the craftsmanship is outstanding.


Marsh mentioned that I am in your old spot. Both he and Jimmie send their regards. The head you guys built remains functional; but accolades for decor not likely. :slight_smile:

Rose 76


Bob and Jimmie are “good folks” and defended us when others thought we did
not deserve teh boat. By-the-by, Bob and Jimmie told us you are doing an
outstanding job rebuilding the boat. There is no higher compliment.


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Dave I am using the cool blue and seems to be working just fine, I don’t think you will be disappointed, good luck with the rebuild you are making a stellar job.