Refrigeration water cooler

Many years ago, when I had my last BBC, I decided I’d add refrigeration to it. After much research I decided that I’d install a unit made by "Frigoboat " (? ) . I thought I’d best like to have it water cooled so I purchased the water cooling unit with intentions of installing it when I next had the boat hauled out for service. I bought only the water cooling unit thinking that after that was installed I’d then buy the rest of the system. As I recall the cooling unit was quite expensive … $500 or $600 dollars I think.

To make a short story long when I next had the boat hauled out I sold the boat ! Never got to install the cooler. I still have it and I’m sure I’ll never use it. So if there’s anyone interested in having it , it’s yours !

I’ll be glad to ship it anywhere and if you want it you only need pay the shipping cost. But I must warn you…It’s make of bronze and quite heavy. My guess would be just over 10 pounds or so. But other than the shipping cost it’s free. Just let me know.


PM sent