Removal of dorade boxes

I would like to remove the dorade boxes from my Sam L. Morse built BCC for refinishing purposes.

Does anyone know whether the dorade boxes were assembled in place (i.e., on the cabin top), or were they assembled first and then installed? If the latter, is it a simple matter of reaching inside the box to remove the mounting screws with a small screwdriver?

I hope I’m mistaken, but it looks like the box without the top was first installed and then the top fitted.

Hi Gary, The dorade boxes were installed two different ways depending on the age. On your boat, I suspect the dorade box was installed first, then the top installed. Later boats had the box made and installed as a unit. Most of these the screws were exposed so the box could be easily removed.

First, remove the Cowl vent and look inside for any cleats that were installed so the box would fit over these cleats and screwed from the outside. I suggest you look for any plugs along the bottom of the box where it could have been screwed to these cleats. If there are no signs of screws or plugs then the top must be removed.

let me know if you have any questions

Roger Olson

Thanks for that information, Roger. I will do as you suggest next time I am out to my boat.