Removing FC Rudder?

Hi all,

I’m planning on removing my FC’s rudder to inspect the pintles and gudgeons, as well as to put on new cheeks, etc. Any tips and/or tricks to doing this, or is it pretty straightforward?

SV Shoestrings

Hi Jason,

It’s pretty straightforward. On my FC there is a machine screw with washer screwed into the bottom end of the middle pintle. You will need to remove that. Then you can lift the rudder up and out of the gudgeons.

If the boat is in the water, the rudder may try to float up if it is the usual foam-cored, fiberglass rudder. If the boat is on the hard, just lift it up while standing on the ground. In either case, pad your bumpkin so you don’t damage its finish.

ron walton

Hi Ron,

Thanks! I pulled it off a couple of days ago. In addition to the machine screw/washer you mentioned, there was a wooden block in the cutout for the top pintle that blocked the rudder from moving up. (I’m fully in support of a “belt & suspenders” approach when it comes to keeping the rudder on!) After that, the only impediment was the 3/16" thick layer of bottom paint all over everything. It came off easily with a little scraping, and as my boomkin is being replaced, I didn’t have to worry about scratching it. :slight_smile:


PS: I’m semi-blogging about working on the boat.