Rendezvous: Lyle Hess Tribute Sept 24-25-26 2004

Dear Kate:

IDUNA will be at the LHTR. I accept the kind offer as “official photographer”. We have gone digital with a new 5 megapixel?Sony F717?camera fitted with a Carl Zeiss 5X optical lens. We are also post processing the image in Photoshop and can produce high resolution image files for?either printing or 35 mm slide presentation.

IDUNA has changed and is a little more?teched out than when you last saw her. She also has new tanbark sail from Michele Stevens Sail Loft in Lunenberg Nova Scotia.

Fair Winds & Following?Seas,



Check out the May/June Issue of Good Old Boat. Page 12, see the announcement of the Lyle Hess Rendezvous! Now you must come to the Lyle Hess Tribute in September!

You all probably know that Marianne Scott researched and wrote a very, very nice and comprehensive profile of Lyle Hess. You’ll enjoy it with quotes and memories from all the folks that knew Lyle. He was a generous man of great integrity, virtue, and love for people and boats.

I’ll have?a copy for you?at the Lyle Hess Tribute because the wonderful people at Good Old Boat magazine sent me a large pile for you! Good Old Boat is really good and if you do not subscribe you could!

Let’s all join in to remember a great man as we all share a part of him.

See you in St. Leonard’s Creek at Vera’s White Sands on Sept 25th for the Tribute.

Oh…if you can’t get there by sea, come by land or fly. Soon I’ll have the fly/drive info for your planning.

Just come!


Rod and Lenora! What a great plan you have going to Maine. We had a wonderful time there. Camden for a week! The library has great internet and it just so sweet. You’re sure to hook up with Berny and Ray up there.

Great if we can all meet in Annapolis and be a fleet, a flotilla, and armada enroute to Vera’s!??

Aloha Lyle Hess Lovers!

Hello Sailors.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and inspirational phone calls and

We are going to have a great cruise and a wonderful Lyle Hess Tribute event
at Vera’s White Sands on St. Leonard’s Creek. We are happy to say that on
July 14th, Vera was alive and well and sipping her martini at the leopard
lounge bar near the piano. She’s been there every evening for the last 50
years. She’s a wonderful hostess. Don’t miss this rendezvous.

The party is definitely getting bigger. We want everyone to come! Some by
sea, some by air, some by land. All owners are welcome. Bernie and I stopped
by on our way back from Bermuda (No, we did not take Aloha this time, but
perhaps next year). St. Leonard’s Creek is as advertised, the most beautiful
place we have ever seen on the Bay!

Let’s see if we can get the folks coming from points North to sail in
flotilla from Annapolis to Solomons Is. where we can anchor in Mill Creek or
up Back Creek, then race up to St. Leonard’s creek on Saturday morning. St.
Leonard’s creek is beautiful and folks can anchor in a lovely cove just
short of Vera’s, or go get a slip at Vera’s (1.50 per ft). The Montgomerys
can easily sneak into St. John’s creek, just in front of Vera’s home, which
looks like a the Taj Mahal.

The entrance to St Leonard’s Creek is 38.23.07 N and 76.30.07 W where you
pick up the Green 1. The creek is wide and deep. You just stay in the middle
in 15 ft of water for 2.6 miles to about 38.25.10 N and 76.29.2 W right in
front of Vera’s. The boats will be close to the dock. There is plenty of
room and lots of safe places. John’s creek is about 7ft deep near Vera’s
house just to Starboard. It is really pretty. It’s nice to anchor your boat
where you can see it from Vera’s or go ahead and take a slip so we can
visit. Aloha will probably be in a slip acting as a good hostess and showing
off her new Carol Hasse sails.

Fly in Lyle Hess fans can easily fly to BWI in Baltimore and rent a car to
drive to Solomans Is, MD. There are two Holiday Inn near by. We are inviting
everyone who owns a Lyle Hess boat to come and enjoy the wonderful

RogueWave Yacht Sales is hosting a cocktail hour 6-7 with snacks in the bar
on Saturday the 25th of September. We are planning also to arrange a dinner
buffet for Saturday night (after the party) for $25 per person for all who
sign up. Of course, within the last few days, we’ll need to let them know
how many of us to expect. We’d love to have everyone come to the dinner so
we might find the opportunity to share some stories about Lyle and his

So far we have.six or seven BCCs, 3-4 NorSea, maybe two Falmouth Cutter, and
about 8-12 Mongomery 17. These Montgomery sailors may well out sail all of
us as they are a salty crowd exemplifying Lyle’s passion for seaworthy
little boats. Come one, come all!

We’ll be posting information at the Lyle Hess Tribute page below.

You’ll find this information and new information at the site.

Give me a call anytime.

See you all soon.

410 571-2955

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services, LLC.
1806 Dreams Landing Way
Annapolis, MD 21401 USA
410 571-2955 Office
410 703-5008 Cell Phone (Kate)
443 742-1792 Cell Phone (Bernie)
801 681-9741 Fax

Kate: how close is the event to Baltimore and if i was able to make it for sat night and Sunday would?i be able to connect with the group? I own hull # 62 which I recently purchased, refurbished and moor in Anacortes, Wa. But I live in Calif most of the year and, for the moment, am only on the boat 3-4 weeks/year.?I plan to attend a meeting at John Hopkins Fri and Sat but?after that I am free.?Best regards,?Richard Smith?

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Hello all:?Calypso here. We are working and working to get the boat done by the weekend of the 25th of September so we can join everyone at Vera’s . . . as our work is weather dependent and still much undone, I am writing with a bizarre request . . .?

If anyone has any room onboard (on deck!) and would contemplate having extra people crash, could you let me know? We are 4 and couldn’t really split it up more than 2 and 2 (we have 2 kids under 6).?
Or, if anyone has spare time and wants to help paint and sand a hull (or put deck fittings back on), we are at Deagles in Deltaville!?Alternatively, Kate, do you have any nearby lodging suggestions? We’d just love being on a boat and being a part of things!?
I am hoping that by asking I’ll get lots of responses and Murphy’s Law will have it that Calypso is done and launched. Hah!?Cheers to all, and we’ll see you one way or another in September.?
Calypso, BCC #6


Your not alone in the realm of boat projects.
We started stripping the Armada finish on Shamrock, don’t know what happened, applied it by the book and it failed in 6 months. We started stripping back on Memorial Day, thus far, only managed to get a sealer coat on a week ago.
While working on the varnish, I looked up and remembered the Windex (wind indicator)?had one broken arm, thought it would hurt to take a little time to replace it? The following week, I went up the mast to replace the windex, on the way down I accidentally grabbed the mast head tri-color and heard a slight crunch…I looked up and noticed the lens on the anchor light (clear) portion of the tri-color was cracked and crazed, so I put that on my do list.Continuing down the mast I brushed my rump on the Blipper (radar reflector) and heard another crunch, seems it had major UV damage, list item number 2. In talking to a friend, he said he had a new spare Blipper he didn’t want, you can have it, problem solved. Not so, they made the new Blipper, same model, 1-1/2" longer, no problem, I’ll just move the lower mount, right? While reinstalling the Blipper mount stand-off snapped off two screws, time to go on vacation…
Back from vacation.
Back up the mast I go, thank God for folding mast steps. Turns out only the lens?was bad on the tri-color, replaced it and all works well. Oops!, grabbed the Windex mount by mistake and it snaps off (corrosion), luckily, I caught the new Windex in mid flight, back to the store for a new mount.Ok, the Windex is repaired and the new tri-color is working fine, removed the broken screws in the Blipper mount, drilled and tapped new mount holes, in go the new screws and we are done.
Ok, let’s do a mast lighting check, let’s see, tri-color works fine, steaming light and spreader light don’t work, what’s the problem? Back up the mast we go, no power to the steaming light, better yet no internal parts in the spreader lights, not to mention no bulbs (new boat to us), just 2 wires hanging.
Forespar mast lights are original, ok, let’s replace them, naturally, the new Forespar light don’t have the same foot print and the old steaming light with 2 wired is now a steaming and foredeck light 3 wires. We ran a new 3 conductor wire to the steaming light, drilled, tapped and mounted all new lights.
Beginning to feel like a pigeon standing on a telephone pole wire.
Opened the hatches around the mast, Ahhh! Seems two owners back, got salt water into this area, all wires including the VHF connector sat in salt water. Cut all wires back to clean bare wire, connect all and sealed. It’s now midnight, time for a lighting check, all work great. Between the steaming/foredeck light and the two spreader lights, 60 watts, we should be able to mitigate some repair costs by renting Shamrock out as a light boat for quid fishermen…The VHF cable connector was shocking, we just did a radio check last week, came in clear as bell. However, the connector at the base of the mast was corroded nearly in two. Next weeks project.
Varnish, we don’t need no stinking varnish…
Boat ownership is certainly a tong and cheek affair.
Best wishes,
Marty & Linda Chin
BCC Shamrock - Alameda, CA.

Good email, been there done that.Doug Beu
s/v Fritha

Aloha Richard Smith and Lyle Hess Owners

Thank you for enquiring about the attending the Lyle Hess Tribute by land.
We welcome all owners of Lyle Hess designs and it would be very, very
wonderful if you can make it. We just sold “Misty” hull no 5 up in Anacortes
and we think we saw your boat there in the marina. She is lovely!

From Baltimore, it is only about 90 minutes to Vera’s White Sands. There are
two Holiday Inns nearby. Plan to be at Vera’s on Saturday afternoon as all
the boats will be gathering. I think we might raft up for a while in the
afternoon to visit and then maybe break up the raft before the Cocktail

RogueWave is hosting the cocktail party from 6-7PM in the Bar at Vera’s.
Then we will have a buffet dinner for all those who want to sign up and pay
the $25 for dinner. All the Mongomery 17 owners are signing up for dinner,
so we expect a nice dinner party.

Bring some nice pictures of your baby!

We’d love to have people fly in. Everyone who owns a Lyle Hess design is

See you soon.

Kate & Bernie
Kate Christensen & Bernie Jakits
RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services, LLC.
1806 Dreams Landing Way
Annapolis, MD 21401 USA
410 571-2955 Office
410 703-5008 Cell Phone (Kate)
443 742-1792 Cell Phone (Bernie)
801 681-9741 Fax

Aloha All,

It’s getting nearer!

Check out the info at our web site. I’ve updated it with directions and
hotels. A few people are flying in and I hope everyone will come!

Aloha BCC 95 will lead the flotilla from the North leaving Annapolis at 0800
on Friday morning to sail to Solomons where perhaps we’ll meet the sailors
from the South. &special=&url=roguewave

Kate & Bernie
Kate Christensen & Bernie Jakits
RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services, LLC.
1806 Dreams Landing Way
Annapolis, MD 21401 USA
410 571-2955 Office
410 703-5008 Cell Phone (Kate)
443 742-1792 Cell Phone (Bernie)
801 681-9741 Fax

Hi Marty,
Glad to hear that you were able to replace the lens in your tricolor masthead light. Is the light the Aqua Signal? If so, do you have a part number?

Thanks, Dan SV Shaula #59

The lens for the mast head tri-color is an Aqua-Signal with a white all around anchor light, the same lens is used for the tri-color with a strobe. Ours is a lightly older style light, with a base and bayonet electrical socket that screws to the mast head, and stays with the mast when removing the light. There are two push buttions near the base which releases the upper assembly. The upper assembly, has a black base, seal and locking ring, which lock the lens to the upper base assembly. Please save the seal and locking ring, the new lense does not come with these parts.?Our boat is equipped with a redundant back up system, mast head tri-color and lower bowpulpit red/green Bi-color and a stern light (white).?The part number for the complete Aqua-signal tri-color assembly is: AQS 40700-7The part number for the Aqua-Signal tri-color lense is: AQS 40710-1
The part number for the 25 watt tri-color bulb and the lower red/green is:AQS 90002-7
The part number for the 10 watt mast head all around light/anchor light and the stern white light is: AQS 90005-7.
The part number for the complete Aqua-Signal Bi-color bow pulpit light is: AQS 41100-7
The part number for the stern white light lens only is: AQS 25510-1.
?Steaming light and spreader lights are Forespar products.?Naturally, the original Forespar light are no longer made, the replacement lights are available through distributors. The old steaming light is a steaming light only, the new steaming light also includes a 20 watt foredeck light. Spreader light a also 20 watt halogen lights. The new lights will not fit the?footprint for the former lights.?All our old light were drill and tapped to the mast, we sealed and reinserted the screws to seal the holes. The new lights have a larger foot print, requiring drill and tapping to fit the new lights. We also replaced the two single conductor wires for the steaming light with a three conductor wire to make use of the additional foredeck light incorporated in the new steaming light, adding breakers in the distribution panel to seperate lights. Dispite having to drill and tap for mounting all these lights 30’ up the mast, all went well and we are very satisfied with the job; we now have 60 watts of deck lighting, covering both side and foredeck. Our hat is off to the guys and gals at Forespar, they made significant improvement in making these new light water proof and a breeze to change bulbs.?The Forespar part numbers are:?Mast combo steaming/foredeck light: FPS 132000?Light, mast mount deck light: FPS 131000?Best Wishes,?Marty ChinBCC Shamrock 92

Kate: can probably make it via auto for dinner and hopefully i will still have a chance to see some of the BCCs Sunday morning. Currently on san juan island with the boat. Sailed into a huge pod of Orca whales on the west side of the island. Some of them dove ahead of the boat and came up aft of me. Could see them over the side rails as clearly as if they were in a tank.
Look forward to meeting you and other owners.

Richard Smith/Sentient

Hi Kate and others,
As you know, Dottie and I have had the date locked into our calendar since
Kate first announced it and we still hope to make it. Only problem is that
after a laid-back and fun cruise to Penobscot Bay on Itchen, we had to fly
home to attend to languishing priorities. Now we are home and Itchen is
still in Yarmouth Maine on the Royal River. I’ve finally freed-up my
schedule and “Plan A” is to fly up tomorrow or Friday and, weather-willing,
bring her back down to the Chesapeake in time for the gathering.

Dottie probably can’t get free to join me - at least on the first leg - so
I’m looking for an additional crew member or two to help stand watches to
make it easier for me to do enough overnight jumps to make it to Vera’s by
Friday or Saturday. If I singlehand I’ll be too ragged-out to enjoy it. I
had a few possible volunteers but all had to back out because of their own
schedules. If anyone would like to join me for one or more or all legs, let
me know. 1. Friday or Saturday through Sunday or Monday from Yarmouth -
Cape Cod Canal to Hadley Harbor or Block Island (depending on weather &
departure timing). 2. Block Island to Cape May direct, or more likely
(depending on weather), Block Island - Long Island Sound - NYC - Cape May.
3. Cape May - Delaware Bay - C&D Canal - Annapolis - Vera’s! Several good
crew pick-up or drop-off spots along the way.

The big unknown at the moment is Ivan’s track & timing. If Ivan holds
together, speeds up and curves East, “Plan B” is to leave Itchen in Yarmouth
or somewhere en route, come to Vera’s by car and bring Itchen back home to
Solomon’s sometime in October. So put us down as somewhere between hopeful
and probable. Anyone want to help me deliver Itchen to the Patuxent?


Hi Kate:
Calypso BCC will be there by land, hosted by Iduna (bless you!) We will join the dinner party as well.
Anyone coming with teenagers who might like to earn a little money watching two small kids?
Nica and Jeremy
Calypso, BCC #6


Did you end up moving Itchen? If not and you are still looking for
crew please let me know. Depending on which legs of the trip you
need crew I might be able to help. I live in Boston and could travel
North to help you bring the boat south or meet you around the canal
and head south (block island, etc). I couldn’t go all the way to MD,
but could maybe help along the way.

Note, my experience has been limited primarily to solo dinghy sailing
(Cape Cod Mercuries) on the Charles River in Boston over the last
couple of seasons. However, I have been reading as much as I can
(Navigation, Pardey books, etc) and I am a quick learner,
enthusiastic and hard working. Also, I LOVE the Lyle Hess boats
(especially the BCC) and hope to own one in the next 5-7 years (need
my company stock to rise…), so any opportunity to sail on one close
to Boston would be great.

If you are interested please contact me on kjodreese@h…



Itchen is still in Yarmouth as the delivery schedule got too tight –
especially since a frontal passage this weekend seemed likely to force a
short layover en route. We had had such a nice time taking her up to Maine -
with stops along the way whenever we wanted to visit with old friends or
just poke around places new to us that we decided to do the same on the
cruise back home, at least part of the way.
So we will bring Itchen back in one or more legs, in October & maybe
November depending on how far we get on the first leg. Hope to see some of
you at the Lyle Hess rendezvous – we will come by car on Saturday.


Hi Kate,

Maria and I won’t be able to make it. We’ve got some urgent
business to take care of, even though Godspeed is only about
half a day away by sail.

Mark and Maria Gearhart

Thanks Mark,?I’m so disappointed that Godspeed will not make it. Can you drive in? There are going to be about 50 Lyle Hess design Owners! Great turn out.
Directions are at
?KateKate Christensen
RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services, LLC.
1806 Dreams Landing Way
Annapolis, MD 21401 USA
410 571-2955 Office
410 703-5008 Cell
801 681-9741 Fax


Thanks for organizing a very enjoyable and informative
Lyle Hess Rendezvous. A great turnout, and but for
the event, I would never have known about Vera’s!
Unless one experiences the place, you wouldn’t even be
able to make it up!! As always, it was a pleasure to
see you and Bernie.

It might be useful if you would send to each attendee
the names and e-mail addresses of those who were in
attendance. I’m certain many would like to keep in
touch with fellow Hess owners.

Congratulations on a job well done.