Replacement lazarette hinge

I am the proud new owner of hull #82, Telos. I was shopping for a Pacific seacraft 31 or 34, but fell in love with the BCCs. Telos is a little different from most in that she has an additional 600 lds of ballast and a deeper keel, both Lyle Hess designed and Sam Morse built. I have a LOT to learn, this is my first boat! During the sea trial our max speed on the GPS registered 7.5 knots and we were having a lot of fun. At times we had way too much sail for the gusts, about 20 kt, but the boat handled it with not the slightest ruffle to its composure.
I have been going to sleep on board with a grin plastered to my face and can hardly believe that this beautiful boat is mine.
While that boat is in great shape and excellently equipped, there are a couple of projects that I need to address.
The dodger canvas either needs replacing or restitching/reinforcing. One of the lazarette hinges is broken. Does anyone have any ideas of where I might find a replacement? The Espar heater isn’t working and is need of some more troubleshooting before I break down and replace it. I gave myself the first three days aboard to enjoy and explore with no thought of embarking upon any serious repair or project. I still need to inventory the contents of the bow and lazarette. I am very glad that there is such a knowledgeable and passionate group of owners and I thankyou for your time in helping the new to the fleet.

Congratulations Drew, and welcome to the owners club of the legendary BCCs!
The grin is a standard feature of BCC ownership :slight_smile:

I’m at the office right now - If no-one else responds with an address for the hinge, I have a few addresses at home of places you can try, and I’ll send a post later, however I’m sure one of the others will come up trumps before I get home today!

I have a maintenance manual for the Espar - maybe I can help by sending you a scan?


BCC #79 “Adventure”

Congrats on your boat.

I needed a snap apart hinge and wanted one in bronze. this is what i purchased-

good luck!

Welcome aboard Drew!
Telos is on M dock and we’re on N dock! Hope to meet you soon. West Marine sells a ss version of those hinges.
Dan BCC 59

Mike, a copy of the heater maintenance manual would certainly help the process along in leaps and bounds, so if the offer is still available, I’ll accept.
Talking with Todd from Cape George Cutters, he seemed to think that the hinges installed are ABIs and difficult to get hold of. There looks to be a good replacement through James Town Distribution. But I’d love to see a few more options if you have them. Thanks!
Cheers, Drew.

Manuals for Espar heaters are available for download from For specific older models, you just need to drill down a little more.



Welcome to the proud group of BCC owners. I am always impressed with the knowledge and love the owners show for their boats on this forum. You can’t go wrong here. Regarding the lazarette hinges: If they are the type that you can slide the hatch off by lifting it and sliding it sideways, then they came from ABI Marine.