Hello all. It has finally happened; my straight raw water cooled 1GM motor has died after 33 years. I am looking to repower. As many of you know yanmar does not make the 1GM 10 anymore so I am not super keen of dropping in an unsupported power plant. I was hoping to learn what others have done for repowering, and also information from those who have outboards, as I am tempted by the price savings and potential increase in interior space. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re still interested, I have a new (not rebuilt) Yanmar 1GM10 for sale.

Luke, what did you decide for your repower? I’m right now looking at a Beta 14, and wondering if any other FCs have opted for that engine. And if you choose to go with an outboard, I’d love to hear about your experiences with that.

Ricki, I pulled and had my Yanmar rebuilt. The gentleman who did my rebuild is getting ready to put a beta 38 into a boat sitting on the hard at boat haven. The boat is called G’day. You might see if he can take a look at your boat, or I can give him your contact information.