rerigging bcc

my boat is now pushing 20 years old and i am planning on rerigging
her this winter. several questions for the audience-when replacing
the headstay on the profurl furler, what is involved? i have the
navtec C500 turnbuckles with the “body” swaged to the wire and the
screw in the middle. i would like to replace these with good old
forged bronze turnbuckles. do i need to do anything special on the
furler to switch? how do i thread the new wire thru the extrusion? i
will probably use staylocks on the headstay and splice the rest. how
does one attach the thimble to the cranse iron? anyone ever spliced
wire before and can provide suggestions as to which wire construction
is best? i plan to learn from brion toss’ book. how about anyone
with some bronze 1/2" turnbuckles and toggles laying around that they
want to sell? any other advice not covered? thanks
john churchill