Restoring a Hess

I’m knee deep and buried in restoring a 1985 Falmouth Cutter, my budget is near shot but she is coming along well. I’f you have any tips or tricks or low budget ideas please let me know. As of today she still has no water tank, oven, or engine but that wont stop me from spending the next few months in the islands playing.

What islands?
You need water. least expensive solution is a flexible tank. It will last long enough to see your fortunes change. A single burner gas cooker will do. And you don’t even need an engine. look for kerosene lamps on Ebay.

Hey Gary, I will be starting in the San Jaun’s and venturing north. I do have a little butane camp stove and yes 30 gallons in portable water tanks will do fine. A good friend of mine sails a 26’ Hess and has started on a sculling oar for me but only time will tell when it will be finished. As soon as I leave here, I will be sailing to Port Townsend to help finish it. This boat is so simple I’m not worried about the little things. I have no schedule and will go where the wind blows.:slight_smile: Alan