Roblon Rope, a.k.a. Spunflex

Has anyone used Spunflex (Roblon) rope for their running ringing?  Brian Toss uses Roblon on his boat.
"Spunflex© was originally designed for use as running rigging on training vessels, that seriously work their rigging. However, the technology is not lost on the vessel that spends more time dockside such as museum vessels and living history classrooms. Under such conditions, constant exposure to the harsh sunlight can play havoc with ordinary line. After nearly two decades of use under every type of condition, Spunflex© leads the industry in performance, without exception."
A coil of 10 mm Spunflex costs $144 for 722 ft.  The 12 mm Spunflex costs $217 for 722 ft.

I looked at their web site by could find no specs other then safe
working load, etc. No info on ‘stretch’ if used for halyards. I would
assume it is low, but how low? I’ve had Marlow Pre-Streched for
halyards since 1979 (changed them recently due to storm damage)and
found it excellent. Marlow now has an ‘Hardy Hemp’ traditional rope
for use as running rigging, but I don’t know the price.

I will say I tried a low stretch Sta-set X and don’t like it at all.
I’m going back to a three-strand as soon as I decide which to go to.
Both the Spunflex and the Hardy Hemp look good, although I think the
Hardy Hemp is more of a beige in color and the Spunflex more tan.

Anyone had hands-on experience with either?

Waxwing Stan