Rocna Anchor

I’m just curious, is anyone here using a Ronca anchor? I just switched out my Delta for a Rocna and id doesn’t seem to ride as nicely on my bob stay.

I liked the reviews and purchased one but then realized it wouldn’t work with my current rollers and returned it. My CQR has worked well for me. The enemy of good is better, but nothing wrong with improving a design. From earlier posts and pictures, I think “Rose” has one or similar style using Port Townsend Foundry rollers.

“Terrier” #31

I cannot find the photo of my Rocna stowed but probably would not help anyway as my anchor rollers are not standard issue fitted with extensions. Attached is a photo of the rollers in case it might help. (the hood ornament came off an old fence gate)

I am also working on a roller system for a Rocna. No progress yet, the anchor should be here this week. Would really be interested in shared thinking toward a good solution. I am focused on a roller on the sprit, not just carrying on the bobstay. I currently have a custom fitting on the sprit for a Delta(to be sold) and have to adapt for the new member of the family. BTW, I bought a 45lb. Mantus to stow below and haven’t used it but first impression is good. I would also like to find a Luke (65 lb. or so) to round out the inventory. Last time out we carried 5 anchors, 44 lb. Bruce as primary, 35 lb. solid bronze danforth(Navy issue for landing craft), 35 lb. fisherman, 21 lb. fortress(great for swimming out in deteriorating conditions), and a box anchor that was never used. We used all the others at one time or another. I hope to reduce the number of anchors by using anchors that are more versatile. I appreciate anyone’s thinking on this(open source anchoring?). Cheers, Ray