Rope cutters

I know that the prop is well shielded in the design, but would be interested to know if anyone has seen the need to fit a prop shaft line cutter. As an aside I recently purchased a Maxprop which have been reduced by 15% and a further 10% off for the Chicago boat show.

BCC Calliste has a weed and line cutter, just forward of the prop.

SE Asia waters are a “Mine Field” of fish nets, fish lines, and poly rope.

Judging by the frayed bits and pieces of these remnants, discovered during later haul outs , my spurs have paid back their cost, a few times already.

Cheap insurance they are, in my book.


I assume when you have the spurs in front of the prop, you cant have a zinc there – is that right?

Hi Ben , yes the spurs occupy the space on the shaft just fwd of the prop.

The prop has a nut zinc, instead.

Sailing in Maine (endless pots) I caught lines twice in 2008 and zero times in 2009. I use a hook knife on a pole (Sailor’s Solutions’s HOOKNIFE). It can’t be good when the engine stalls.I have thus considered adding spurs. I have a MaxProp fitted and would love to hear from someone who has success with that particular combination. I’m worried about the zinc issue. In one season I usually go through both a shaft and a prop zinc. I can easily change the shaft zinc underwater if needed. However, I don’t want to change a MaxProp zinc in the water.


I’ve done the max prop zinc in the water – but it was in FL, not Maine :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, it’s not just rope that can cause you, shaft and cutless bearning problems.

Once I caught my own monofiliment fishing line with the prop, before I installed the Spurs.

That line spun its way “up” the prop shaft, distroying the cutless bearning and making annular grooves on the SS shaft, itself.

The “Spurs” unit that I have, has a small zinc on it, not difficult to replace, but nothing that you could fabricate in the field.

Will try to attach photo, when I find one.


Photo of Calliste Prop and Spurs attached.