S/V Lyra in Salt & Tar episode

I’m a fan of the YouTube channel Salt &Tar in which a young couple has been building a George Buehler designed gaff rigged Ketch. I’ve been volunteering with them for about a year.

About two and a half weeks ago Garrett and Ruth joined me for a sail on Lyra out of Half Moon Bay. I thought this group would enjoy the resulting episode. I can highly recommend the rest of them, too.

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Morning - thanks for the ride on Lyra… mystical and what a pleasure. Hull number 118 Cyrano was my pride and joy. I more dreamt of sailing than did so with her for so many reasons that still make no sense but I remain able-bodied and would enjoy meeting up to hoist or clean or fold or cook aboard Lyra or just to say hello. Landlocked in Larkspur. Bob