Hi Dear BCC Forum members,

My Jpanese friend has just informed me that he saw BCC in okinawa, Japan! and he video Taped her.
Later at the Marina he took Photo which shows her name “VOYAGER” but he could not meet the owner.
Does anyone know this BCC?
If so, I would love to contact him or her.

So, if anyone knows her please let me know and also please contact the owner that I would like to contact.

Sumio Oya

P.S. Please forgive my poor English. English is not my native language.

Sumio: Hi!

I’ve checked marinetraffic.com, looking at both Ishigai and Okinawa islands, especially looking at Naha City and Ginowan City. No sign of an AIS signal from s/v Voyager.

Did you friend see the boat at Ginowan Marina, at Ginowan City which is north of Naha City? Ginowan Marina is popular with foreign cruisers. If it is Ginowan Marina, you can contact the office at: g.marina@cap.ocn.ne.jp

Does your friend’s photo show what national flag the boat is flying? Was there a calling port named on the transom?

I cannot find a BCC named Voyager in the Forum database. And so far my searches on the Internet have found one US-flagged s/v Voyager (likely with calling port in California) but it looks about 50 foot and could not be confused with a BCC.



Wah! Did you know that the US Coast Guard lists 193 vessels called “Voyager”. 31 of those are commercial fishing vessels or inspected passenger vessels, leaving 162 that are recreational boats.

When I look at the length, that narrows it down to 4 boats:

1973 boat with 28.2’ length, no calling port;
1998 boat with 28’ length, calling port Huntington Harbor;
2001 boat with 28.1 length, calling port Tiverton
2002 boat with 28’ length, calling port Freeport.

I looked at boats with documented length around 28’ because I know one BCC with documented length of 28’.

No boats called Voyager on the Australian register (but there are a Voyager II and a Voyager III - the USCG list also has several Voyager I, Voyager II, Voyager III, and five Voyager IV).

On the Australian register, Zygote is listed as 8.55 m (28.05 ft).

None of those 4 boats documented with the USCG list Sam L Morse as the shipbuilder.

The Huntington Harbor boat (built in 1995 not 1998 as I wrote above; my typo) is possible.

The Freeport TX boat was built by Camano. The Tiverton RI boat lists no boatbuilder.

Just in case you’ve never played, the public version of the USCG documentation list is maintained by NOAA and can be inspected at: http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/st1/CoastGuard/VesselByName.html

I’m not clear as to how up to date that NOAA list is - I know one BCC that must be documented but I cannot find on that list.

The Australian list of registered ships is maintained by AMSA and can be inspected at: https://www.amsa.gov.au/vessels/shipping-registration/list-of-registered-ships/


Warren Fraser
s/v Voyager of Yokohama

Has been on the site before, “Japanese Sculling Oar” was a topic he brought up. I have not seen him around here in a while.

Voyager is a Canadian Built BCC. I believe somewhere along the road Warren figured out that Voyager was Vagabondo (sp?) who ended up on the beach in Cabo.

That’s all I know.

Bryon Dahl
S.V. Cosmic Dancer

Looks like he sold it in 2013

Bryon Dahl
S.V. Cosmic Dancer


Perhaps the email address he provided on his 2013 classified ad is still good - it’s at least worth a try as Warren should be able to provide you with the contact information of the person he sold s/v Voyager to. wfraser@mac.com


Hello Sumio,

I’m the previous owner of Voyager. I sold her to a guy based in Okinawa about three years ago through a broker and so never met the buyer. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about Voyager.

I check the forum every once in a while when I’m feeling nostalgic. Though I didn’t post often when I owned Voyager, it’s good to see familiar names of skippers and boats still active.

Warren Fraser