Sabb electric starter

I’ve always hand started my 10 hp Sabb but am now thinking electric. The prices on the recommended starter is very high, yet I see almost no reason why any starter wouldn’t work(with the compression lever released)so long as the mounting bracked would work.

The ‘almost’ reason is the starter pinion gear and its proper meshing with the flywheel teeth.

Does anyone know what pinion size fits the Sabb flywheel and/or if a europian automobile starter will work?

Hello Stan/All,

Where did you end up on the starter options for the Sabb? I have not
researched it, but like you, I figure starters must come in standard
sizes, and there’s got to ge something that will fit this engine. Like
you, my engine has never had a astarter and I’ve hand cranked it for
years. We just started discussing electriv starter possibilities here


BCC Forums wrote:

The Sabb engine manual lists the number of the starter as Bosch 0 001 354 038 . cross references the starter number as Dixie 260-62150 .

Under their catalog section, download the catalog for Bosch JF, KE type starters (~2.84 MB pdf file). You will find the cross reference for the Bosch part number in this section.

Dixie Electric is a Canadian company. The USA head office is:

Dixie Electric Inc. Bob Weatherston Corporate Sales & Marketing 763-475-6629 800-392-8719
17100 Medina Road Karla Biniek Office & Warehouse 763-475-6629 800-392-8719
Suite 100 Doug Templeton O.E. Sales 763-475-6629 800-392-8719
Minneapolis, MN
USA 55447-1249

Other USA contacts are:

Pennsylvania, USA
Dixie Electric Inc. Norris Richards Customer Service 610-473-1345 610-473-1350
822 North Reading Ave. Mike Kraft Territory Manager 610-473-1345 610-473-1350
New Berlinville, Pensylvania
USA 19545

Georgia, USA
Dixie Electric Inc. Ronnie Holcombe Territory Manager 770-456-7749 770-456-7748
905 Rockmart Highway Customer Service
Villa Rica, Georgia
USA 30180-1010

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I know zero about the engine you’ve in your BCC, but I’ve an off-the-wall suggestion: have you considered a handwound spring starter, such as the Pentham or Simms starters?

I’ve a Yanmar 3GM30F in Zygote, plus a Yanmar 2TNE68 driving a genset. I found (but haven’t yet bought) a spring starter for the 2TNE68. And the companies concerned assure me that one day soon they’ll have a spring starter for the 3GM30F.

Spring starters are not inexpensive, but they avoid any hassles associated with installing and charging a battery bank. Spring starters are used in remote installations in the developing world, where they have proven themselves as close to bullet-proof. Low tech means appropriate tech for many locations and applications.

If you want to go further, browse . Under Applications, you can find a list of engine models for which one or more spring starter can be added in a simple bolt-on operation. E-mail to the company would tell you whether a more elaborate operation could do the job.



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Thanks for the lead. I visited Unfortunately, the site only lists a spring starter for a two-cylinder Sabb engine and not the single-cylinder Sabb G engine. The Sabb G engine is designed to be hand started. The electric starter motor is an option but a spring starter, if one were available, would be a good choice for the voyaging sailor.

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I haven’t gotten in touch with Dixie starter yet.

My Sabb came with a starter when I bought it used back in '83. My thinking at the time was ‘hmmmm, something to go bad around the salt water invironment’, so I sold it to another Sabb owner in New York for $650. This was after checking with a shop in New Orleans that told me the retail price for one at the time (1983) was $1,100.

I have no idea what would make this starter cost three or four times as much as many others…if in fact it is still true, but there has to be one that is much more reasonable.

I also don’t know if a ‘spring starter’ is made that would fit it, but I can’t imagine not being able to put a starter together, spring or electric, that would crank this one-cylinder engine over…even if you had to change out the pinon gear for a proper fit.

I wonder if a call to Bill Miller, the Sabb dealer in Florida would be enlightening? I think I’ll try calling him tomorrow. I’ll post what I find out, if anything.

I emailed Bill Miller of SabbAmerica and he is going to get me price on the standard starter for the 10 hp. I asked about adapting an automobile starter and he said the problem is that the Bosch one designed for the Sabb turns the opposite direction than normal and I think has a peculure gear-tooth size.

I have thought of the posibilities of using a clutched 12-volt motor to turn a belt via a pully to the pully on the flywheel; or reversing the mount to correct the spin direction of the pinion gear; and one or two other jerry rigs. But in the end I just feel it isn’t all the hard to just give a couple of turns on the hand crank, release the compression lever and off it goes.

Still, I’ll post the cost of a starter from Bill when I hear from him.

Meanwhile, kudo’s to Matt Hedrik on completing his first passage on his new(to him)BCC Gale Force from Mobile to South Carolina.

Stan R.