Sabb Engine Exhaust Run (ATTN: Stan Roeder)

Please find attached a sketch of the run of the exhaust hose on IDUNA.  The measurements are probably 90% accurate based on where the top of the bottom paint is.  The actual waterline is maybe 6" lower than we initial thought.  Jermey Waters' boat, Calypso, has a dry-stack riser after the Sabb silencer.  Water injection is at the low end of the dry-stack where the rubber exhaust hose attachs to the dry-stack riser.  I thought this was a good approach to prevent water from entering the engine.  I can add a 10" high dry stack riser which would place the dry stack about 6" above the waterline base on the attached drawing.  Based on our current estimate of the actual waterline, the dry-stack would be about 12" about the waterline.  Because I do not know how much water is left in the hose after the engine is stopped, I can not make a good accessment of whether I need to install a dry stack or not.  How does the exhaust hose on Waxwings run?  I sent an E-mail to Sabb Norway but have not recieved areply after three weeks and probably will not receive one.
Fair Winds,