Sad Day

I’m not sure of the etiquette of this kind of post (I’ve also just submitted the notice to the forum’s “boats for sale”) but, we have come to the very sad decision to put our lovely Whitewings III up for sale. Unfortunately, age and circumstances have forced this choice. She will be dearly missed. We will probably required character references from prospective buyers to be certain she goes to a good home. Any help passing this on will be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a link to the informational web page I built…

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It is with more than a little reluctance that I had to “approve” this message today.

This is not the first such message in the last few months, and, indeed, even I succumbed to common sense a couple of years ago.

However, I will not deviate from my opinion that in the 21th century, the BCC is still the most capacious and seaworthy vessel that I have ever had the pleasure to voyage on.

As a BCC (Or an FC) proves almost indestructible, and through the estimable knowledge of the users on this website, I hope a new dedicated generation may slip quietly into our wake.

It is, I believe, very important that we all understand; the BCC and the FC were both designed and constructed based on lore and skills based on the abilities, either to get first to the post packet, or more likely, to outfly the exciseman, that these vessels were designed and constructed.

The excess of sailcloth over the waterline length makes this vessel a total dream, a little reef, and you can often improve performance. On the otherhand, in weather, you are likely to be the one to render assistance to other, lesser, vessels.

John Cole

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?It suddenly made sense. Only twice in my life had I felt this inexplicable, almost mystical attraction to a boat. I thought it remarkable, to have found two, when in my heart I’d always believed there was only one perfect boat out there for me.

My heart had been right. There is only one.?

Ok Guys , Lift Your Spirits , These BCC’s are like Phoenix Birds , they resurect to live New Lives , with New Owners , for New Voyages in the Making ,

These Boats are our “Magic Carpets” , that fulfill our Dreams and Satisfy our Hearts Most Precious Desires !

Tom , my advice is not to worry , we all are getting older , and the best thing we can do is pass our Loved Boat , onto another , who will Love Her as we Did in the begining of our ownership and comradship in this exclusive Club .

Count Us as The Fortunate Few , who knew what we invested in , and enjoyed every minute of it !

Please review your photos often , and keep your memories alive , please continue to participate in this forum , as you see fit !

You are still valuable to all of us out here , please keep us informed !

Sincerely , Douglas , BCC Calliste 072

Well said Douglas!

“Terrier” #31

shes super pretty!

Tom I have poured over the detail of your boat it is of course quite special, obviously well loved and cared for. I am sorry that it has to change hands but the time must be right for you. I also believe that anyone is getting a great deal for the price. She is indeed a beauty.
I noted the dinghy is fastened to the boom gallows, may I ask if you have a good pic of that, I have pondered for some time how best to attach my 2Hp Honda and had resolved that maybe a pin rail on the shrouds. Any comment re the boom gallows support, did it work well for you? Maybe this should be a new thread!