Sail Boston 2009

Anyone planning to attend this event? I’m planning to sail up for it, would be fun to rendezvous with a few BCC’s at the same time. My old love, Schooner Lewis R French will be there.

Do you plan to anchor or rent a slip??

I’m inquiring, no real plans - but I bet I’ll end up anchoring out a ways (read: I’m broke), or in a neighboring town where I can catch the T … inconveniently! I’m mostly interested in being out sailing amongst the ships, as they assemble for the parade of sail etc. I’m sure it will be a mob scene.


Do you plan to cut through Woods Hole then through the Cape Cod canal?

Mob scene is right and I suspect security will be high, i.e. perhaps no small boats allowed near the fleet.

If the the box/divider does not fit in a draw, then think about mounting it over head in the quarter berth - two hinges and one or two catches.


Hi Rod, Yeah, I would go through Woods Hole and the Canal.

I’ll let you know what I find out about the Sail Boston stuff if you’re interested.

Are you planning to come up this way still?


We plan to transit the C&D canal either June 20th or 21st. We will carry three jerry jugs of diesel aboard just in case we have to motor more than we sail. Hopefully, the SW winds will be well established by then. The last time we were in Cape May we had 20 - 30 mph N winds for a week. It was early June.

I will keep you posted as our departure date approaches. Besides sailing coastal together, we want to visit you and look at Elizabeth.


Oh that good timing, I should launched and ready to sail by then, you might be the first to witness the… firepower of my fully armed and operational battlestation!


S/V Elizabeth is no match for IDUNA’s four 1 pound swivel guns firing rusty razor blades. We shall take you a prize, ransom your bones to the fish and sell your boat to Somalian pirates. Please do not take this personally, it just is business.

We look forward to visiting Elizabeth and you.



IDUNA Wrote:

"sell your boat to Somalian pirates.

We look forward to visiting Elizabeth and you."

Take heed - he may have a trumpet player with him. If so, I’ll blow your bowsprit off and use the cranse iron to crush your razor guns!

May the loudest win!


Ahoy Rod , I have been reading the novel, “Wyvern” , by, A.A.Attanasio , which a used copy, I found in N.Z. , circa, 1999 ,

Today, I ask you, about your boat, named, “Iduna” ???

Would, you , please , explain , just , how you decided to name your ship , "Iduna " , ???

There is reference, in this book, about a pirate island named " Iduna " , do you , relate to this , reference ???

For all our BCC owners , I recommend, this book, as a very good , pirate story, saga/novel , as I currently, find my BCC and myself, where the book, refers to, this area, Gosh , Serangoon Harbor , on the Northern edge of Singapore Island , back in 1627 ! or , some , such !

I would like to understand, just why, Rod, you , named your ship , “Iduna”, or , maybe your naming has No revelance, to this book, of mention !

Needless to say, I appreciate, all your, reponces, on this forum, and welcome , much , more , in the future ,



In Norse religion (a.k.a. mythology), IDUNA was the goddess of internal youth. She was married to the poet god, Bragi.

“Out of the northern mists comes this timeless tale of the goddess Iduna, whose gift of everlasting life keeps the world young. The divine love that flows from the beautiful Iduna constantly renews the earth, and the golden apples from her sacred garden give immortality to the gods.” IDUNA and the Magic Apples by Marianna Mayor. IDUNA (IDUN) is also present in Germanic mythology.

Erica and Peter Thinnus commissioned the boat in 1983 and named her IDUNA. The second owners, the McKay’s kept the name IDUNA and cruised the boat for perhaps 6-7 years before Traphaggen purchased her and name her SEEKER III. He sailed her to the Caribbean and back over a 1 1/2 year period. After 7 years of ownership, Pete and Diane Lange purchased her and returned the boat to the goddess IDUNA. When we purchased her, we planned to name IDUNA “TIBETAN MOON.” We packed the boat for shipping on Pete and Diane’s farm. During this period, Pete wove his tales around IDUNA. We left the farm for our drive home after lunch on a Saturday. About 30 minutes past Rockport, ME. I asked Lenora what should we name her. Lenora look at me as she spoke the words, “IDUNA.” My response was,“Yes, IDUNA she is.” We have never looked back. IDUNA wove her spell on us.

At the time, we did not know the meaning of IDUNA. Once we read the mythology about IDUNA and her powers to restore youth, I took a bite out of the bulwarks but alas, I am still celebrating birthdays in the wrong direction.

In the common era (CE), asteroid 176 is named IDUNA.

The name “Tibetan Moon” is reserved for a pinky schooner which now only exist in my romantic seafaring imagination.



I keep hearing rumors/news stories that Sail Boston will be canceled, because Boston would rather put the money needed to host the event towards something more important/necessary during these economic tough times…


Just search using the keywords “sail boston”. The ships will be there but Sail Boston appears to be headed toward Davey Jones Locker.

Sail Boston is a victim of Derivatives and Stock Credit market, as are all of us. I will not say anymore nor turn this forum into a politico zoo.


From: Sail Boston takes on water - The Boston Globe

"It’s too late to stop the ships, some of which are viewed as “floating embassies.” But there is still time to make the city whole. It’s not right that Boston would receive almost nothing of the estimated $3.5 million in state meals, sales, income, and hotel taxes that Sail Boston says will flow from an anticipated 800,000 visitors to the tall ships. And Mayor Menino has even deeper reasons to look askance at the event. In 2000, he received assurances from former Governor Cellucci that the city would be reimbursed for $1.6 million in Sail Boston security costs. But the city was stiffed by the subsequent Swift administration.

A successful Sail Boston event would buoy people’s spirits and stimulate business in the Seaport District. So state and local officials need to prove that they can host this event without burdening taxpayers. The ships will be arriving at the same time as expected layoff notices to workers in the public sector. And Bostonians won’t abide spending huge sums to accommodate tall ships while getting the short end of city services."

Benji and friends,

If it is still on and you plan to head to Boston and need a place outside of the harbor there are a couple of options.

Constitution marina rents the morrings out in the Harbor Islands (Georges, etc.) they are pretty cheap for each night but might fill up quickly when the tall ships are there.

Also, you might want to check out slips and or moorings at Hewitts Cove Marina in Hewitts Cove in Hingham. The marina is where the T water shuttle docks so you could tie up there and then take the T down town to Rowes Warf. If you have more than one boat they might work with you on a group rate? I dont work for Hewitts but I more my Cape Dory there. If you are around I would love to meet some of you, and of course maybe see some nice BCC’s (maybe next next boat).



Excellent info Kevin, thanks. I’ve anchored at those islands in the outer harbor a few times before, which is what I Was thinkin I could do again. I like the Hingham idea and the ferry.

Whats your email address? I have other Boston questions for you!

My email address is:

oscardreese (at) yahoo dot com

I’m not sure that I want to join the big crowd but I would sail down for a BCC gathering in that area.

Note the Sail Boston 2009 organizers are fighting with the city over money. It is not clear what is going to happen in July in Boston.

Yeah, 'tis an interesting story with the city vs. money. My favorite Maine schooner, Lewis R French will be there. I see it as a good goal for me to shoot for to be fully operational. I was planning to raft up with the LRF on the 7th. Play around as allowed during the Parade of Sail on the 8th, and dock in town that night… But reality might have me still on the hard, trying to get the 27th coat of Awlgrip on the bulwarks… who knows… Doesn’t sound like there will be any other BCC’s down that way. Maine would be a better, more relaxing BCC rendezvouz location anyway… more to do, room to play, etc…

Does anyone know of other marina’s near Boston or close to Boston to leave a boat?

Constitution marina at the Harbor Islands and Hewitts Cove Marina in Hewitts Cove, Hingham, MA have been recommended.

I am inquiring for the BCC August Dame.


Hi Rod,

To leave it for how long and when? I know 2 marinas fairly well that are north of Boston in Beverly, these are where I had Eliza last summer:

But there are others right in town… but none of which I know personally.

BTW, I got dockage at Constitution Marina for the night of July 8th.
BTW(2), who and where is August Dame? Never heard of her. Will she be around MV this summer at all? We have 2 BCC’s here now. Mine and Trinka, a CCY built in the late 70’s owned by John Rose from Savannah Georgia. So c’mon up and join the party!