Sail centroids and downflooding angles


Do you know:

  • the height of the centroid of the storm jib?
  • the height of the centroid of the trysail?
  • the downflooding angles for the openings (ie the angle of heel at
    which water would enter the portlights, scuttle hatch, main hatch -
    if they were open)?

I’ve drafted a Stability Information Book for BCC28 #116, Zygote. And
I’m missing those data points. I’ve adopted a legitimate workaround
for the downflooding angles: I’ve assumed that 60 degrees is the
angle of downflooding. And, for now, I’ve just ignored the lack of
data on the storm jib and trysail.

If you are interested in reading the SIB, I’ve uploaded a copy, named
BCCSIBdraft.pdf (about 358 K) and placed it in the folder (I think!).
You’ll note that Zygote differs from the standard BCC28, such as
having less lead ballast. But the basic stability data is for a
standard BCC28.

The format and content of the SIB corresponds largely to standards
set by governments, including those of UK, Canada and Australia. Much
of the text carries a bureaucratic tone, because it comes from those
standards. I’ve not yet had the SIB approved by a rating authority
(and if I did, I’d probably use Germanischer Lloyd).

I welcome comments on the draft SIB, especially those correcting
errors or improving it.



BCC28 #116 Zygote, Marina Batu Uban