Sail Covers - Made to Order!

Hello all,

I am now offering high-quality sail covers custom made to your needs. I’ve seen and owned many sail covers from “canvas” guys and often the quality of work is poor, lacking fine detail in areas that make a sail cover easy to work with and durable enough to endure the rigors sailors demand of their canvas.

Features such as:

* Corner reinforcement for wear and UV resistance
* Polyester webbing binding for edge strength
* Extra-thick black polyester or Teflon (lifetime) thread for exposed areas
* RiRi lifetime zippers
* Sun covers for zippers, contact-point chafe protection
* Webbing straps for carrying
* Snaps for keeping zippers off the stays
* Many other options!}
* These are the sort of nitty-gritty details that enable covers and deckbags to last a long time!

I have recently completed cover sets for six Westsails, two Bristols, and a Tayana, all from word-of-mouth. I offer many options and supply you with a measuring sheet to ensure accurate fit for your particular boat. Alternatively, I can pattern from existing covers. I offer a wide variety of options, including stack-pack style covers/lazyjack setups, as well as traditional mainsail covers and foredeck bags. After completion, the covers are mailed via USPS priority mail to your door (or hatch) step.

While my products are of high quality, my prices are often lower than local, non-sailor canvas makers as I complete all work in my home and have negligible overhead. That means you get better covers, made by a sailor for sailors who want their covers to last.

If you are interested in having some great sail covers built for your boat, or would like to see examples of the set of covers I constructed for our W32, Asia Marie please contact me.

Love, luck, and sweet coconuts,
Aaron Norlund

ps - As a plug to my cause, I am a musician preparing for graduate school admission auditions and am doing my best to avoid a “day job” so as leave ample, flexible time for practice and perhaps see my boat once in a while. I’m not looking to get rich via sewing, just to make enough to pay for my audition expenses!

Have you built or seen any bowsprit covers. I would like to keep my varnish protected and reach aft to cover the windlass (which is mounted above the sprit and forward of the mooring bits.


I did make a bowsprit cover for a W32 owner, but the boat was local and I was able to make the measurements necessary. I avoid making specific-fit projects like that as it needs pretty accurate figures to fit well. Sail covers and stackpacks are easy to measure for, but objects are a whole different ball game. I suggest finding a local canvas chap.

Aaron N.