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Hi all,
I am in the market for a new jib and had to do a lot of leg work and emails to get all the measurements I needed to have a new sail made. so I thought I would post it here for everyones reference.
This is from Roger.
Jib top luff 38’ 00"
Jib top leach 30’ 09"
Jib top foot 19’ 00"
Yankee luff 38’ 00"
Yankee leach 28’ 00"
Yankee foot 16’ 00"
Yankee pennant 10"
Staysail luff 24’ 00"
Staysail leach 21’ 06"
Staysail foot 9’ 10"
Staysail pennant 10"
These are slightly different from the orginal plans.
Also, Sailrite, the people that make the sail kits have a very complete page for the BCC page including a sail plan.

Good sailing to all!

These measurements are a little different from the ones I had made in late 2002, but close. If you have the time and want to have a little fun with some hands-on sailmaking, you might want to contact Sean Rankins at Northwest Sails, He openned a learning sail loft and I spent 3 weeks helping make 4 sails. These were traditional tanbark sails with bronze hand sewn grommets, etc. in the fashion that is described in the book “Sailmakers Apprentice”. He can do the more modern pressed in grommets as well. I had a set of sails made by a well known sailmaker a year earlier but when I got them they were really junk. Eventually I got my money back and was lucky to locate Sean. It’s not any cheaper to help make the sails but you do get somewhat of an education in sailmaking and sail repair in the process, and you get what you want.

Doug Beu
s/v Fritha

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