Sailin 2010

Todd Uecker of Cape George Marine Works and David Moe of Moe Boat Works have reserved the Point Hudson marina for the event.

We are inviting all Cape George Cutters, Bristol Channel Cutters, and Falmouth Cutter to rendezvous in Port Townsend to share stories, dine together, and have a regatta etc.

Location: Port Huson Marina
Dates: August 13th to August 15th, 2010

Sailing anyone? David Moe

Sounds great! Terrier will plan to be there.


Excellent! We have marked it on our calendars.

  • Norris and Debbie, Bristol Cream

Sounds like a terrific event. I’ll make it if I’m still in the Salish Sea - possibly I’ll be up north, or down south by then.

Salt Spring Island

Here is the website for the Sailin 2010:

Shaula is presently at the Point Hudson marina in Port Townsend. David Moe just stopped by and said that he has reserved a lot of slips here for the cutter rendezvous (Aug 13-15) and he needs folks to nail down a reservation with the marina. Otherwise, the marina will release the reservations. So, call (360-531-1180) or email Dave Moe. It is possible to anchor out, but socializing is a lot easier in the marina.

We’re planning to be in Desolation Sound about then, but if that doesn’t work out and we’re anywhere near, we’ll be attending.
Dan Shaula BCC 59

We just returned from a trip around Vancouver Island. Cool and rainy for most of the trip, but spectacular in any weather! Terrier is still planning on attending the Sailin. See you in August!

“Terrier” BCC 31