Sam L. Morse Comapny Plaque

Notice to all BCC and FC owners from the Sam L. Morse Co.

I hate writing to the forum with a group letter but I feel compelled to do so. Recently I have received many requests for BCC and FC, Sam L. Morse Company plaques. I wish I could give every single boat out there a plaque but the reality is that I cannot. We made the plaques to go on all company finished boats. Since everything on the boat is Sam L. Morse finished we felt honored to apply the plaque to these vessels.

Unfortunately, we cannot supply them to just any BCC or FC that is owner finished because it may not be exactly the same as the company finished boats. With that said, let me clarify that I have seen many excellent owner finished boats, in fact, some are even better than company finished boats. Still we have our own rules.

I also realize that there are some company finished boats that do not have plaques. There was a time when boats were finished before we started using the plaques. Then when things were slow, we ran out for awhile. I will gladly supply a free plaque to any BCC or FC that was finished by the Sam L. Morse Co. if they did not receive one. Since I have a complete file of all owner finished BCC?fs and FC?fs it is a simple procedure to confirm who would get them.

Respectfully yours,

Sumio Oya

Dear Sumio,
My wife and I now own the Falmouth Cutter No32 which you originally sold to the late Keith Smith. She was orignally called “Maid of Slapton” and is now called “Puffin of Dart”. This is our first proper season with her and we think she is very special. There is no sign of a Sam L. Morse plaque. Where on board would it be if there was one because I suppose I could have missed it.
My understanding is that she was completely factory built.
Do you think we qualify for a plaque?
Best Regards,

Peter Smith

Peter, I’m sure you qualify, as I have the video detailing the construction of your boat!